Are Food Additives Making Your Kids Hyperactive?

A new study suggests that food additives such as the commonly used preservative sodium benzoate may cause children to become hyper.

Researchers gave 150 three-year-olds and about 150 eight and nine-year-olds drinks that contained “either a mixture with sodium benzoate, a preservative, and several food colorings, or drinks that looked and tasted the same but contained none of the additives,” according to the WSJ Health Blog.

The results of the study showed that the children who ingested the sodium benzoate and food coloring were more likely to suffer from hyperactivity and attention deficit problems.

Britian’s Food Standards Agency funded the study and is now suggesting parents try eliminating food coloring and sodium benzoate from the diets of hyperactive children to see if that improves their condition.

Do people usually let three-year-olds drink Coke? We’re so out of touch.

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