5 Options If You Got Shafted By Yesterday's iPhone Price Cut

Early Adopter Syndrome can strike anyone—our fancy N95 is less than six months old and has just been kicked to the curb by Nokia for a new version that works with US 3G—so we sympathize with all of you who just shelled out $600 for that great iPod/so-so phone combo from Apple. The Unofficial Apple Weblog offers the following five suggestions on how to fix your little $200 problem.

  • If you can, take advantage of the 14-day return policy, obviously.
  • See if your credit card offers a price guarantee.
  • Call the Apple store where you bought your iPhone (press 5 to get a live person). TUAW says they had no luck with this, but our reader Autogeneric says s/he was able to get a $200 credit issued on a purchase that was 18 days old—ymmv. (See what happens when you stop lurking, Autogeneric?)
  • Call AT&T. Ha ha ha. One TUAW reader notes that he got a total of $150 credit from AT&T for his two iPhones, so it may be worth a shot.
  • Lastly, complain, both to Apple and the California Department of Consumer Affairs (see the original blog post for the address).

The rest of you who are currently iPhone-less might want to wait to see how long it takes for a 3G-capable version to come out—this smells an awful lot like “get rid of these slow-ass phones so we can release the good ones.”

“Apple screwed you: So now what?” [The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

(Photo: Il conte di Luna)