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Hello to those coming to our site after watching us on ABC’s i-Caught!

Think of us as your new, daily, consumer action handbook. We give you tips for becoming a smarter shopper, as well as tools for fighting back when a company screws you over.

Here are some of our stories on videos mentioned in the broadcast:
Macbook Smasher
Beware of Brad Benson
Robert Mckee taped his Delta flight being stuck for 7 hours on the runway
Mattel’s online video apology

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  1. emax4 says:

    M-m-m-m. Megan, pretty freckles. :)

    I was geeked about the show too. When I saw her photo before they mentioned the name I said, “Hey! Meg Marco!”

  2. Zipway says:

    Now it’s gonna be so useless to destroy your random gadgets because everyone will be… and it’ll no longer be an interesting and unique thing.

    Meh, maybe I’m just jealous because my websites don’t get that much free (I assume) advertising…

  3. Mr.Purple says:

    What is i-Caught?

  4. RONK says:

    I’m glad I caught i-Caught tonight on ABC. Your website focuses the power of the consumer. Please keep it going and growing.

  5. OnceWasCool says:

    I don’t think anyone watches ABC anymore.

  6. 3ZKL says:

    i was glad the consumerist piece was first because the rest of that show is TERRIBLE. why on earth would anyone want to watch 3 month old internet videos on primetime tv?!

    nicely played, consumerists.

  7. Why is it called i-Caught? i-Caught what? A football? A cold? Dance fever?

  8. LTS! says:

    So I saw part of the show last night…

    ABC’s tips on making a video were pretty good until they recommended breaking things, etc. I believe i would have modified the advice to recommending a unique course of action within the video rather than simply breaking it.

    Think about it from the corporate America side..

    Hey… he broke that. Well, at least he can’t resell it, one more sale for us.


    Wow, that guy felt pretty strongly about it, I would have loved to help him out but now that he’s broken the item in question there’s no way to repair it. Oh well. What’s next on the agenda?

    Nothing like putting it on major media to make it cliche.

  9. rdm says:

    Yeah, the show was a tad lame. My boyfriend cracked up at the order of the steps:
    1) Try to resolve the problem with the company
    2) Make sure you have a valid complaint

    WTF? Why wouldn’t 2 be first?

    I loved the idiot host guy and trying to do his entertaining video about cell phones not being visible outside. He said “Be entertaining” then it was totally lame.