Clip Of Meghann On ABC's i-Caught

Here’s the segment from last night’s i-Caught featuring Consumerist’s Meghann Marco talking about how consumers are using online videos to express their grievances.

We think the online video can be effective escalation tool, as it were, as long as you’ve made reasonable efforts to contact the company and exhausted normal channels. The guidelines for making a good complaint still apply. That said, everytime you make a consumer complaint video, a new kitten is born.


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  1. B says:

    So I’m watching a youtube video on consumerist of a youtube video on consumerist? Trippy.

  2. letoofdune says:

    Good piece, although it seems to be more about vigilante video than actually going through the proper channels. The end felt like a tag on, with more focus on coming up with a creative, product destroying video than actually trying to address your problems with the company.

    Then again, if I’d been ignored by [insert company here] for a number of months, I might break out the video camera and launch myself onto youtube.

    And without trying to sound creepy – Meghan, you looked great!

  3. dbeahn says:

    @letoofdune: Wow, that sounded creepy…

    Kidding, just kidding. I kid, I kid, it’s what I do…

    I did like that they credited her as “THE” Editor. That should put Ben in his place!.

    See above about kidding…

  4. beyond says:

    It’s a youtube video on Consumerist of a show on television of a youtube video on Consumerist!

  5. fredmertz says:

    Where is that accent from? Kind of non-descript with a little New Yawkah in it.

  6. topgun says:

    Wow. And I thought Meghann was a chick

  7. RandomHookup says:

    I love that a Google search will bring up:

    media whoring meghann marco

  8. Elviswasntmyhero says:

    You’re not gonna’ go all “Hollywood” on us now, are you Meghann?

  9. gibsonic says:

    the elf ear strikes again!

  10. cdan says:

    @fredmertz: Nah… sounds more like Chicago. But not the city, the suburbs. I’m thinking one of the western ones… maybe Elgin.

  11. ScramDiggyBooBoo says:

    @B: Thats the funniest thing i’ve heard in like a month dude, rock on.

  12. lauracera says:


    Went to the Apple store in Palo Alto today with my Shuffle, which plays, but if paused, it does not play unless recharged.

    I arrive at the store when it opens, a perky girl at the door says “May I help you?”

    “I need to talk with someone in service about my Shuffle, which is covered by Applecare.” I say…

    “Do you have an appointment?” She says with enthusiasm.

    “No, but I’ll be in Palo Alto all day, so I thought I’d stop in to see about the Shuffle.” I comment.

    To which the perky girl responded to my astonishment “Well, we’re all booked today at the Genius Bar here in Palo Alto. You need an appointment in advance at this store, because we’re so busy. You can go over to that station, and (using one of their showcased products) make an appointment at our Valley Fair store (about 30 minutes away) or our Burlingame store (30 minutes in the other direction).

    To which I said “Are you serious? I come in when your store opens, and can stop by anytime today and your Genius Bar doesn’t have time to resolve my Shuffle under AppleCare?

    If I’d had a mallet, I would have made a Shuffle sequel!

    Duh, Looks like Apple needs more geniuses in marketing and customer service!

  13. -J- says:

    Meghann keep up the great work!

    While I myself still haven’t had much luck getting Sallie Mae to work with me yet, I may be just about to get myself a video camera and put together a little something for everyone to see. Thank you very much for posting my plight however. The more who know about them, is more who can never do business with them.

  14. Dreamworks says:

    With Meaghann’s left ear, she can hear through time.

  15. reykjavik says:

    I HATE the fact that when you click on a vid in consumerist, it brings you to a whole new page. Why, in 2007, do we still have to put up with this???

  16. synergy says:

    That dude totally didn’t destroy that phone because it’s probably paid and maintained by Post-Newsweek. :D

  17. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    @Dreamworks: Meghann’s right ear exists in 273 dimensions, and is worshipped as a god in 49 of them.

  18. C2D says:

    @reykjavik: We don’t. You do. YSATI.

    That or you use IE 7 instead of ohhhh, I dunno… FIrefox.

  19. LaBibi05 says:

    @reykjavik: OMG. iawtc.