United Airlines Hires Customer Service Specialist From Disney

The San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting article about the strategies that the big US carriers are taking to restore their tarnished (or completely obliterated, depending on how recently you’ve had to fly somewhere) reputation for customer service.

United Airlines, for example, has hired the senior customer service executive for the Disney Company to overhaul United’s customer service experience.

Sadly, unless you’re one of the 8% of frequent business travelers that make up 36% of United’s profit, you might not see a big difference.

“The skills I used at Disney are transferable and similar,” Higgins, an upbeat woman, said at San Francisco International Airport, which United is using as a test bed.

“We’re moving huge volumes of guests, we’re providing individualized service, we’re providing individualized meet-and-greet in the airport,” she said. “We can do that especially well with frequent fliers and provide a more intimate experience.”

Putting passengers first [San Francisco Chronicle]

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