American Airlines’ truck backs into American Airlines’ plane at O’Hare airport. No one was hurt. [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. mopar_man says:

    I think you mean an American Eagle truck backed into an American Airlines plane.

  2. torqueU says:

    This would only be interesting if there was a picture of scene.

  3. Weyrlady says:

    I know of one pilot at another airline who in one 48 hr period a few years ago had the following occur:

    1. Ran into a baggage handlers cart train (while driver was “running” from police using the fully loaded cart train who were trying to arrest him on an outstanding warrant, they collided on a taxiway) and demolished one cart full of luggage. Pilot returned the plane to the gate and explained situation to passengers before the debarked the aircraft, arranged for meals for the passengers AND HAD HIS CABIN CREW WAIT WITH THEM at the gate for a new plane to be brought to the gate

    2. At next airport, had another baggage handler run his baggage cart train into the nose gear of the aircraft while it was at the gate. Again, the pilot made sure that the passengers knew what was going on and that they were taken care of while waiting for another aircraft.

    3. At last stop (North of the Mason-Dixon Line) while having the aircraft deiced, the deicers broke the cockpit windshields and again, the pilot had to take the aircraft back to the gate and again he took care of his passengers.

    I know this pilot and while he is an ass personally, professionally I would rather have him at the controls rather than some of the other airline pilots I know.

  4. Rusted says:

    Instant job termination right there…. Since most airports now don’t handle that kind of repair, means the bird sits somewhere until someone decides it’s safe enough to flown to a repair facility or a someone comes in and fixes it.

  5. One summer in college, I had a temp job at the food service provider NWA used for flights originating at Detroit Metro Airport. All I did was push carts of dishes around the building, but management used to post delivery truck accident reports on a bulletin board where everyone read them.

    Those memos were always good for a laugh. The best one was the truck driver who activated his truck’s lift (which raises the cargo section up to the fuselage level so it can be unloaded) while under the plane’s wing. I bet that made quite a racket.

    So far as I know, truck drivers never got fired, or even in serious trouble, for that kind of thing. It’s really hard to fire a Teamster in Detroit, you know?