Blue Hippo Angers Florida's Attorney General

Blue Hippo, the notoriously scammy computer layaway service, has annoyed Florida’s attorney general.

The story is always the same: Consumers sign up and begin paying their monthly payments but the computer never arrives. Blue Hippo says they don’t offer refunds.

Earlier this year Blue Hippo was recently sued and settled with the Maryland Attorney General for “unfair and deceptive trade practices by selling computers, televisions, and other goods to consumers for two or more times their retail price, and then placing undisclosed conditions on delivery of the items that prevented many consumers from ever receiving their purchased items.”

According to Tampa Bay 10, the Florida AG is now warning people to stay away from Blue Hippo. Here’s a piece of the transcript:

Chris Day, Bought from BlueHippo:
“I just said, ‘Give me the $418 you took out of my account and we’ll call it even.’ They wouldn’t do it.”
The company’s website indicates there are no cash refunds. The only option for customers is to pick a different product from the website.

Bill McCollum, Florida Attorney General
“We think that overall, this is a very deceptive trade practice.”
Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is also investigating allegations the company fails to disclose the true cost of computers, overcharging consumers.

Bill McCollum, Florida Attorney General
“It really is too good to be true. In the case of the BlueHippo Financing, we’re finding complaints that are real, that they are selling their products and that they’re paying a lot more for them than in a retail store.”
The Federal Trade Commission has launched its own investigation after accumulating more than 8,000 pages of complaints. The Better Business Bureau has logged more than 1400 grievances stemming from all 50 states.

BlueHippo says it’s working to resolve the issues saying:

“BlueHippo Funding is committed to providing clear and accurate information to consumers and continues to provide outstanding customer support.”

Um, yeah sure you are. Stay away from Blue Hippo. Tell a friend.

AG cautioning consumers about BlueHippo [Tampa Bay 10] (Thanks, Sean!)

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