Best Buy Employee Caught Stealing $13,000 In Gift Cards

Best Buy employee Olivia Bailey, 18, was accused last week of stealing $13,000 from a Best Buy store in Lawrence, NY by using fraudulently obtained credit card numbers to purchase gift cards.

The person who supplied the credit cards has not been arrested, according to Newsday.

She bought the gift cards on seven occasions from July 19 until Tuesday, when she was arrested, the police said.

A security officer at the store, at 345 Rockaway Tpke. in north Lawrence, called the Fourth Precinct and reported the thefts, resulting in the arrest.

Fourth Squad detectives are continuing their investigation.

Bailey faces arraignment Wednesday at First District Court in Hempstead on a charge of third-degree grand larceny.

Consumers—watch your credit card statements for fraudulent charges like these. Reports from consumers often help to ensure that lovely people like Olivia are eventually caught.

Cops: Sales clerk stole $13,000 from Best Buy [Newsday]


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  1. Framling says:

    So how is this “Woman Steals Gift Cards” and not “Woman Commits Credit Card Fraud?”

  2. I have a similar story about gift card theft. I had a job in a grocery store a few years ago that printed ALL of the credit card numbers on the piece of paper you had to sign (it was around 2002, so I don’t know if it was covered under the law about it). So a cashier grabbed a few of the signed papers, goes to the register that was shared between all the cashiers (the 10 items or less), and starts buying gift cards for ALL SORTS of places.

    So, he’d buy gift cards, get off work, then run down to Best Buy, a local resturant or two, etc, and spend all the gift cards that day. Anything he couldn’t use, he’d toss immediately, rather than risk having the cards traced. It took nearly 3 months to discover! By the end of his run, he had something like $10,000 in assorted computer equipment, DVD’s, music, etc. And by the time they DID discover it, and HIS PARENTS had to repay it all, the grocery store was basicly closing down anyway. He basicly destroyed the store with it.

  3. RAREBREED says:

    I previously posted about how Best Buy Employees in the San Francisco store had been claiming the gift cards were not working. They would swipe multiple gift cards during the transaction, then give me one saying that’s the one that worked. Three of the three times I bought gift cards from that location, NONE of the cards had a balance when attempted to be used. The balance was kept on one of the cards the employees held on to. Luckily, having paid for the cards with a credit card, Best Buy was able to verify that my cards had been swapped and credited the gift cards accordingly. I now pay for everything I buy at Best Buy with credit cards.

  4. Jmarsh04 says:

    Are the Fourth Squad detectives an offshoot of Geek Squad?

    Just wondering.

  5. endless says:

    I really do not see why her being a best buy employee matters at all.

  6. Extended-Warranty says:

    “So how is this “Woman Steals Gift Cards” and not “Woman Commits Credit Card Fraud?”

    Because this is the consumerist, and we must associate this wrondoing with Best Buy as much as possible.

  7. legotech says:

    @RAREBREED: Ummm, why do you still shop at Best Buy if the employees were stealing from you? I can’t imagine what the rest of the customer service is like.


  8. whiplashchick says:

    i’ve seen more that a couple BBY employees get popped for Gift Card fraud. It’s usually Cashiers and Customer Service reps. They have access to all the tools need to steal. What surprises me is that they do all this, but they forget about the paper trail all credit cards and gift cards leave. Idiots.

  9. kracer22 says:

    Thats what you get when you hire ghetto peeps from Far Rockaway or Rosedale.

  10. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Yeah i just hate the fact that 90% of america acts as if its perfectly fine that they rip people off and treat them like crap 24/7, as if it should be expected in todays state of business. And they just keep on going back. I just had a RIDICULUS situation at my local best buy

    The Burbank California Store, Has told me they were having “phone problems” (which i disproved by calling in while i was in line at returns and seeing all the reps turn as if they were bothered by some unseen bug. ), That sometimes that they were very busy, (which i disproved by calling there at 11am on a wednesday morning and still hearing the phone ringing for 45 minutes)

    They also told me that even though their webstie showed (and still shows) that the asus g1s notebook had a Full 15.4 OLED screen and the laptop that i picked up, didnt have such a screen, That they were still going to charge me a restocking fee. After telling a manager that was ridiculus, she preceeded to call security and tell them i was causing problems. At that point the general manager came out, and pulled me away from all of the appauled customers in line and after about 40 more minutes of him being a general Douche-bag and Completely ignoring the Unexcusable way i was treated by his rep, he told me he would waive the restocking fee as if it were no problem to begin with, when id spent more than 3 hours on the phone listening to ringing and about an hour on the phone trying to get the situation resolved. When i asked for his name before he went back to his office, he just smiled and shut the door in my Face.

    Will Billionaire just buy best buy already, and overhaul the entire company? Because i never want to see a blue shirt again in my life.

  11. maevro says:

    She will name names in 3…2…1….

    If it is her first charge, not much will happen to her. She will probably get misdemeanor probation if
    she can provide names. I have clients who get arrested for credit card fraud much worse then this and not much really happens.

  12. XTC46 says:

    One of the employee’s a store I worked at stole a bunch of credit card info from customers and was using them in the store to make purchases. She got caught because she decided to use her employee account to make the purchases (so she could get the discount and not raise suspicion) but employee purchases audited to look for the use of numerous credit cards (a sign that you aren’t the only one using the account like the rules stipulate)

    To prevent things like in the article from happening, you cant buy gift cards from us with credit cards.

  13. phobs says:

    @maevro: Pretty surprising, wouldn’t the credit card companies want to throw the book at them with their army of lawyers?

  14. Chicago7 says:

    Why would anyone risk jail for $13,000?

  15. EvilSquirrel says:

    Yes, lets go buy a bunch of traceable gift cards with a bunch of traceable credit card numbers. All we need to do is correspond your purchase records with the store security cameras and our work is done. Someone should really educate these idiots on the miracles of technology.

  16. hop says: