Don't Fall For The Best Buy, Circuit City "Recovery Disk" Sales Pitch

PC World wants to let you know that you don’t need to buy the “recovery disks” that Best Buy and Circuit City are always trying to sell you. PC World says they’ve heard from consumers that Circuit City is telling people that they need FireDog to create these disks and that they can’t do it themselves.

That’s a bunch of BS. From PC World:

When Ian Griffith of Queens, New York, purchased an HP notebook from a Circuit City store in Brooklyn earlier this year, the salesperson urged him to have the chain’s in-store Fire Dog technicians create Windows XP recovery discs in case Griffith needed to reinstall the OS.

“I specifically asked if this was something I could do on my own,” Griffith says, and the answer was no. The salesperson, Griffith says, insisted that there were only two ways to obtain such discs: have them made at the store for $30, or buy them from HP for nearly twice as much.

But the clerk’s assertions simply aren’t true. Recovery discs are fairly easy to make yourself. And if you don’t want to take on the responsibility of burning your own, you can buy them from HP for half what Circuit City charges.

PC World investigated the rumors. While Circuit City’s sales people eventually admitted that recovery discs could be made at home… 3 of the 5 Best Buy salespeople insisted that consumers couldn’t make the recovery disks themselves and would either need to buy them from Best Buy or the manufacturer (for more than Best Buy charges.)

Lies! Don’t fall for it!

Read the rest of the story at PC World.

Best Buy, Circuit City Reps Push Unnecessary Recovery Discs [PC World]

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