Meet The X-MET3000TXR+ Handheld Lead Detector

In response to growing concerns about toxic levels of lead in paint and metal on children’s toys, Oxford Instruments has developed a hand held electronic lead detector, a veritable rock boulder on the tracks of the Chinese Poison Train.

The X-MET3000TXR+ is a X-ray fluorescence scanner. By examining how much the x-ray excites the particles, it can identify an object’s chemical structure. No word on price, but a tool like this can give more accurate readings than rub-on home-based test kits, and significantly faster determinations than waiting for lab test results. UPDATE: A reader says these will cost you about $30,000.00. Excellent, now the rich can make sure the silver spoons they’re birthing their children with in their mouths are unleaded.

X-MET3000TXR+ for RoHS compliance screening and QC of different components and materials [Oxford Instruments via The Raw Feed]

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