Gerber Legendary Blades Pocket Knives (laceration), M&J Engineering Swivels for Scuba Diving Masks (drowning)


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  1. Gerber Legendary Blades Pocket Knives (laceration)
    Baby food and weaponry?

    M&J Engineering Swivels for Scuba Diving Masks (drowning)

  2. Nytmare says:

    “Baby’s First Utility Blade”? Yeah I can see why they might recall that.

  3. acambras says:

    M&J Engineering Swivels for Scuba Diving Masks (drowning)

    Wow — that’s really messed up.

  4. stubblyhead says:

    zomg, you mean you might cut yourself on a knife?!

  5. stevemis says:

    Hey, anybody notice… the Gerber knife that closes during use… made in China and sold at WalMart?

  6. wishlish says:


    The blades look kinda of flimsy, don’t they? I’ll stick with my Victorinox, thank you very much.

  7. TechnoDestructo says:

    When did Gerber start selling cheap Chinese crap?

  8. stubblyhead says:

    @wishlish: Looks like a fancy delivery system for a utility blade. why you would want a purple one is beyond me. That said though, Gerber does make some very nice stuff.

  9. kaikhor says:

    Oh this makes me laugh. Until a month ago I worked for a wholesale distributor of knives, and of course Gerber was a major vendor. I worked in purchasing. Then they fired me. And instead of hiring someone else, they shuffled my work onto someone else who wasn’t even in my department! I bet my company is having so much fun with this recall!!!!

  10. orielbean says:

    I liked the Gerber multitools for many years. The sliding pliers were really clever. I do prefer my Leatherman Wave, as it has a nice rounded handle, locking blades, locking file, rope cutter, and minisaw. The thing stays sharp too.

  11. mopar_man says:


    I’m not sure but I bought a Schrade a few months ago and also found it to be made in China. :(