Crocs To Make Annoying Plastic Clothes To Go With Annoying Plastic Shoes

We’re all for comfortable footwear, but we really don’t get the whole “Crocs” thing. They again, we’ve never tried them on, so perhaps we’re not being fair. They look like good shoes for space pirates or RNs and we are neither (sadly).

Anyhow, according to an announcement from Crocs, we’ll soon be left behind on the whole “plastic shirt” thing, too.

Yes, Crocs will soon being manufacturing clothing out of something called “Croslite rt.” It’s similar to the substance that the shoes are made out of, but more “relaxed.”

The material will come in colors that complement your Crocs. Won’t you be sexy?

Plastic fantastic: Crocs launch clothing range [Daily Mail]
(Photo:Daily Mail)


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  1. jaredgood1 says:

    If you like them, that’s fine. Personally, I think they are about as attractive as shoes made out of plastic bags and rubber bands.

    I have three pairs of shoes. The cheapest sandals I can find (for the summer), the cheapest generic sneakers I can find (for the gym) and a pair of classic style Dr. Martins (for all other occasions). I wear each until they fall apart and then replace them with the same thing.

  2. ptkdude says:

    Can you imagine how sweaty you’ll get in a plastic shirt? You’d better slather on a few extra swipes of Ban roll-on!

  3. killavanilla says:

    And here I thought only me and the GF thought these things were repulsive.
    Listen, I get that they are comfortable.
    So is walking around nekkid.
    Both are best suited for private use.
    Seriously though, Crocs are gross.
    Rubber shoes? Yeah, I’m sure that’s sanitary.
    Then I saw my brother wearing them.
    I almost passed out laughing at him.
    Crocs are gad-awful.

  4. Snakeophelia says:

    Go to the Manolo’s shoe blog site and search for his comments on Crocs. Highly amusing. He hasn’t written anything yet about the newest bastard, the Crocs with fake shearling inserts, but perhaps he still stunned and speechless.

  5. MeOhMy says:

    I get sweaty just thinking about wearing a shirt made out of any kind of rubber! Frightening…

    As for the shoes…

    I have a pair of Super-Birkis so I don’t really have a huge need for Crocs. I don’t really understand them as “fashion” items (I first saw Crocs marketed to outdoorsy people as shoes to wear while camping, rafting, kayaking, etc), but rubber shoes are great for bad weather or otherwise wet conditions and I have definitely considered getting Crocs for times when I need something with a back. The advantage to the Super-Birki is that you may be able to get away with wearing them to work. Probably not so much with Crocs unless you are a lifeguard or a river guide!

    They are probably much more sanitary than your normal shoes which soak up sweat and grow bacteria. You can even run the Super-Birki shell (and I assume Crocs, too) through a dishwasher or an autoclave! When is the last time you sanitized your shoes?

  6. not_seth_brundle says:

    At the risk of defending anything this company puts out… I don’t think they’re talking about a molded plastic or rubber shirt. Surely it would be woven from some sort of synthetic fiber and maybe could, potentially, be cooler than a natural fiber. Think of synthetic fabrics such as Coolmax or Dri-Fit…

  7. JPropaganda says:

    I don’t want to be a dick, but the colors will “complement” your crocs, not “compliment”

  8. scoopy says:

    My friend has one of these shirts and it sucks.

  9. scoopy says:

    The new Croc boxer briefs will be out first quarter ’08.

  10. rrapynot says:

    What a croc of shit.

  11. SpaceCat85 says:

    Never got the Crocs thing either. IMO, Dr. Martens and other sandals with a (genuine) suede footbed work much better as general-purpose sandals because they wick away sweat and keep your feet dry. When I’m going boating or doing anything in water, then it’s a pair of Tevas for me.

    The shirts could work if they’re designed to wick away sweat like North Face and similar nylon hiking shirts. The latter are actually a great deal cooler and faster-drying than a regular cotton shirt. The Crocs shirt above isn’t anywhere near as nice-looking as most of the nylon hiking shirts I’ve seen, however…

  12. dbeahn says:

    I never got the crocs thing either, until I wore a pair around for about 30 minutes.

    Ugly? Yes. The absolute most comfortable foot wear I’ve ever worn in my life? Yes.

    I still can’t bring myself to wear them other than around the house, but…

  13. Johnny Blackshoe says:

    Crocs are snarky.

  14. QuirkyRachel says:

    Well gosh, since I got the ugly bright yellow crocs, I’ve been looking for a shirt to go with them…

  15. Vilgrom says:

    Have you ever smelled your sandals after a few weeks of wearing them in hot summer weather? I even start to see black outlines of my feet after a few months – but then again, I’m pretty dirty.

    I’ve found that plastic sandals are a good alternative to buying new ones every year. You can wash them off whenever they get muddy, they don’t hold a smell, and they’re lightweight and durable.

    I wear plastic Nike sandals, though, instead of Crocs. Anyone with common sense can tell that Crocs are just plain ugly.

  16. crossn81 says:

    actually hospitals are cracking down on the Croc-craze. The hospital my wife works at will now only let them wear closed shoes (no more air vent styled-crocs). Plus for anyone on their feet for extended periods, Crocs provide no support. Danskos are the best for an RN.

  17. tadowguy says:

    You know what? Crocs are comfortable and fun. If you guys didn’t live in a city where people shit and piss and vomit everywhere, like NYC, you might enjoy wearing them.

  18. SaraAB87 says:

    I tried crocs on in a store (both fake ones and real ones), and I really didn’t find them very comfortable, as others have mentioned they have no support and with high arches I need support. They do accomodate wide feet well though. I would imagine crocs are only comfortable to those used to wearing high heels and flip flops and extremely uncomfortable footwear all the time so when they try crocs they are amazed at the comfort. Theres way better stuff out there, and for less money, I really don’t like the idea of paying 30$ for a piece of molded plastic Most of the people I see wearing crocs here are small children.

  19. kaycee says:

    I wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing Crocs, and still wouldn’t (the regular clog type). But I saw my sister-in-law, a corporate executive, wearing a pair of the flip-flops. They looked decent enough that I didn’t realize they were Crocs. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were, but at first, I still wouldn’t buy a pair just because they were Crocs.

    Finally I bought a pair this spring when I was going to be on my feet on a concrete floor at a convention for two days, and I have to admit they’re great. My feet, knees, and hips weren’t killing me at the end of the weekend. I’ve found that they’re also great outside for yard work – they’re so non-slip (footpad and bottom of sole) that I don’t slide around while I’m watering or walking in the rain. They’re so comfortable I even wear them for 2-mile walks – more so than walking shoes (although not as stable, of course).

    They broke when I tripped hard on a sidewalk, but they were still under warranty so I sent them in for replacement, and I’m more sold on them than ever. Having to wear regular cushioned flip-flops in the meantime, my feet get much more tired and sore when I walk and stand a lot, including while on my feet cooking for long periods.

    Dress sandals they’re not, but everyday casual footwear, they could be.

  20. overbysara says:

    @tadowguy: oh! zing!

    but seriously, crocs are hideous.

  21. chrisgoh says:

    They are insanely comfortable and great for working in the yard. Normally, I don’t wear them except at home, but will wear them if going down to the water or if it is really rainy out. I have some birks also but they are a totally different kind of comfortable. Plus, you don’t want to get birks wet.

  22. stanfrombrooklyn says:

    Crocs are like fat girls and mopeds. (Punchline goes here.)

  23. Roundonbothends says:

    And they are not ALL made in China!

  24. Allenxt says:

    So what you might need to know about me…
    I am an upper classman in collge
    I walk very often, (in fact every day)
    I have a to types of crocs, (the beach ones and some sandals)
    I happen to wear my crocs every day

    These incredibly comfortable shoes allow my feet to breath like no shoe has… ever. Don’t knock ’em until you try them and if then you don’t like them then, your tastes and preferences will be respected.

    Oh also if you wear shoes for style and not comfort, (wha?!) then you might want to look elsewhere.

  25. thepounder says:

    Not that I’m bashing on Crocs or anything, because I’m really indifferent about them… but where I live men do not wear that kind of shoe.

    It’s not some posted rule or anything (though that would be sort of funny to see), you just don’t see guys in them… unless I go to Austin, then they’re everywhere. Apparently Crocs are addictive like crack with some folks.
    I’ll take my Double H slip-on boots any day.

  26. synergy says:

    Those shoes look ugly and uncomfortable. A co-worker claims that they were originally made for the medical industry or maybe biotech, but anyway, the point to them was that they’d be autoclaveable. I don’t know if that’s true. Either way, they’re ugly.

  27. perfectly_cromulent says:

    ew. just ew.

  28. Melov says:

    They cost less than $1 to make, lol.

  29. ceejeemcbeegee is not here says:

    @dbeahn: word. ugly as hell. feet felt like fluffy marshmallows.
    TOTALLY worth the tacky.

  30. palaste says:

    What’s an RN? And yes, Crocs are really ugly.

  31. @Allenxt: Yes. because everyone is so impressed when you show up at a professional workplace wearing shoes for comfort rather than style. Enjoy studenthood while it lasts.

    @palaste: Registered Nurse.

  32. says:

    Comfort and style are not mutually exclusive targets. Wish Crocs had both.

  33. MeOhMy says:


    Plus, you don’t want to get birks wet.

    That’s the beauty of the Super-Birki. Waterproof rubber shell, removable/washable/replaceable latex/cork footbed that is not suede-covered. About the only downside is that they hold water, although there is also a model with air holes that I imagine would also serve as drains.

  34. Kaneohe7 says:

    Shouldn’t a shirt like this last for almost ever with the rubber compound in it?

  35. scoopy says:

    @Kaneohe7: Yes, and the real treat is that you can wad it up and use it as a handball on the playground.

  36. bbbici says:

    If you go to the crocs site, you will see that they make many models that are quite appealing. I agree that the most common model that looks like a danish wooden clog made out of swiss cheese, is appalling. But i’ve got some red and black slides that look great.

    I didn’t understand what the fuss was about either until i tried some on. they are like you are standing in a dreamlike cloud of whipped butter.

    Also, they do not become smelly when worn barefoot, can be hosed off, are durable, and cheap.

  37. mconfoy says:

    Any shoes they sell at the Disney store have to be for me.

  38. Crocs = fug as hell.

    Regardless of their physical comfort level, I would feel mighty uncomfortable in those things. Perhaps I’m too into fashion for my own good, but I feel much better in Louboutins with 4-1/2″ heels.

    I guess my comfort comes from loving the way I look in them. I know I’m not the only one.

  39. waxer says:

    guys who wear them are gay