China pledges to increase product quality standards in the wake of recent recalls, makes point of noting how 50% of its goods are made by foreign companies. [NYT]


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  1. headon says:

    What wait, China imports crap then sends it to us. So they receive crap then re-ship crap. So they missed the quality problem on their imports and their exports. So they double suck! Train keeps a rollin all night long.

  2. JohnMc says:

    HEADON, actually I don’t think that is it at all. Not that I am giving China a pass, but companies like Mattel and others contracted with and are responsible for the quality of the product they put on the shelves. To buy into the China apology is to let the real culprit off the hook.

  3. revmatty says:

    Hong Kong is well known for this, importing from other countries (India, Korea, Phillipines, etc) slapping a label on it and shipping it somewhere else.

  4. bhall03 says:

    I thought it wasn’t their fault? I guess they are hoping the US public is as open to forgiving the chi-com government as we are to forgive our fallen public figures.