Progressive Insurance Lies Its Way Into Church Support Group To Dig Up Lawsuit Dirt

Just when you thought insurance companies couldn’t get any sleazier, Progressive Insurance got caught sending private eyes to infiltrate and secretly record an Atlanta area church support group in hopes of digging up dirt to discredit a church couple involved in a car accident lawsuit, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

After headquarters found out, a letter signed by the President of Progressive apologized for the actions and took full responsibility for them. They also pledged to enact new rules and procedures to prevent future occurrences. That may not be enough for the Insurance Commission and authorities, who say they are investigating the matter.

Members of the sessions, each which began with group pledges to keep the discussion private, disclosed abortions, sexual orientation issues, and drug abuse, all of which were tape-recorded by the Progressive gumshoes. After an emergency convening, and learning their trust and privacy was breached and violated, the group broke down and cried and several members left.

There’s no mention of how the private investigators’ identity was discovered. Maybe the group got suspicious after the couple would say, “pass” whenever it came their time to confess. Also gotta wonder how “isolated” this incident was. Maybe Progressive was just unlucky enough to get caught in something that goes on all the time. Guess if you’re involved in a lawsuit with a company you need to watch out for any “new friends” you suddenly find yourself having.

Private eyes sneak into church group [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
Company says it’s sorry for spying [Atlanta Journal-Constitution] (Thanks to ptkdude!)
(Photo: The Master Shake Signal)

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