Facebook's New Ad System Will Target Users Based On Personal Information From Profiles

Like to tell the world your business on Facebook? Get ready for some heavily targeted ads. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is working on a system that will use all of your personal information to target its ads. Currently, Facebooks advertisers are only allowed to target ads based on age, gender and location. The new system will consider things like favorite activities and preferred music, without exposing the data to advertisers.

The Wall Street Journal says:

These ads would show up differently than the banner ads and boxed flyers that appear on the borders of Facebook pages, say people familiar with the plan. Instead, they would be interspersed with items on the “news feed,” which is a running list of short updates on the activities of a user’s Facebook friends. In addition, the ads would show up on Facebook pages that feature services provided by other companies, one person says.

Facebook Gets Personal With Ad Targeting Plan [WSJ]

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