Great Moments In Commercial History: Uncle Otto's European Eatery

Image courtesy of We believe Ben that the food is good. Sort of. The guy in the suit doesn't touch the sandwiches, does he?

Reader Ben writes:

Dear Consumerist,

Here is a commercial for Achim’s K-Bob, a restaurant in Downtown Athens, Georgia that sells kebap, a type of German sandwich. The food there is actually quite good, but their commercial is laughably bad. This was one of the first local commercials I noticed when I moved to Athens last summer and if you ask anyone who’s lived here long enough they’ll be able to sing the song for you. Achim’s recently changed their name to Uncle Otto’s European Eatery, a name that is apparently more conducive to franchising. Don’t worry, though they changed the lyrics to the song and the commercial still airs almost completely unaltered.

We believe Ben that the food is good. Sort of. The guy in the suit doesn’t touch the sandwiches, does he?

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