Walmart Offers Owner $2,000 For Killing Her Chihuahua With Toxic Chicken Bestro Jerky Strips It Would Rather Quietly Pull Than Officially Recall

Walmart pulls Chinese-made Chicken Bestro Jerky Strips from shelves after customers complain about their pets getting sick. No full recall announced, but they put a transaction block on the item. Then a woman’s Chihuahua dies from a toxic bacteria after eating the strips. Now another woman says her dog died from eating the strips.

Yes, we don’t want to panic the volatile Chicken Jerky Strip market, better keep this one on the DL boys, oops, your dog is dead. Walmart offered the Chihuahua owner $2,000 to compensate her for her loss, which she refused.

When will Walmart step up and do the right thing and launch an official recall? When 5 dogs die? Or after more media attention? Or after the FDA steps in?

[FoxNews] (Thanks to kg6mso!)

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