Boy Catches Fire After Wearing Pajamas With 500 Times The Safe Level Of Formaldehyde

A New Zealand boy suffered third-degree burns after his Chinese-made pajamas, a brand recalled for containing 500-900 times the safe levels of formaldehyde, caught fire after he sat near a gas heater.

3-year-old Jack Livingston’s jammies, which had already been washed at least 10 times, bore a label proclaiming they had a “low fire danger.”

“If we had not been close by in the house, he would have been totally burnt. The pyjama top completely disintegrated, there was no smouldering just flames,” said Mr. Livingston.

Jack is said now to be recovering well and running and playing normally.

There’s no evidence the pajamas have made their way to the US, but the story reveals the importance of keeping abreast of the latest consumer product recalls.

Jack’s brush with death [Waikato Times]
(Photo: Iain McGregor)

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