Point And Click Appliance Repair Refunds Part Of Your Shipping Fee Because You Live Nearby

I recently had the dryer belt on my Maytag dryer break (it’s 5 years old, it happens.) Rather than pay a repairman $50-$75 just to look at it, I decided to try following the advice from some online appliance repair forums. Turns out, it was really easy to get the dryer open and replacing it should be a breeze, but I still needed to get a new belt. A quick google search pointed me to an online retailer: http://www.pcappliancerepair.com. They had the part listed for $14.51, but since I don’t have any clothes clean I opted for 2 business day rush delivery at a rate of $15.95 instead of the 3-7 business day rate of $7.25.

To my surprise, I received this email this morning:

Due to the close proximity of our shipping warehouse, we have adjusted the freight charge on your order to reflect the ground shipping charge of $7.25. The part(s) will arrive in the same required days by the less expensive shipping method.

Your total final invoice will be $21.76.

A tracking number will be emailed to you later today or in the morning.

Yours truly,
Point and Click Appliance Repair
Customer Service

Wow, they could have easily pocketed the extra shipping cost, and I would have never known. Because my last dryer belt lasted 5 years, it’s unlikely that I’m going to be a huge customer for them. Yet they still went above and beyond on this one. It may have only saved me $8.70, but it sure did put a huge smile on my face.


Most companies inflate shipping costs and pocket the lucre to help keep their prices competitive. For Point and Click Appliance Repair to voluntarily forego easy cash is certainly worthy of commendation, as is Nicholas’ decision to turn what could be a potentially pricey repair into an affordable DIY project.

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