Hey Bank Of America, Before Locking Up For The Day, Make Sure There Aren't Any 73 Year-Old Ladies In The Basement

Bank of America employees in California forgot that Marian Prescher, a 73 year-old diabetic woman, was looking her through her safe deposit box when they closed the bank last Friday. Prescher did not expect to be in the bank long, and had not taken her diabetes medication. Sometime between 6pm and midnight – when she was discovered by a cleaning woman and taken to a hospital – she passed out, bruising her right cheek when she hit the floor.

From the AP:

Prescher said she knew nothing about what happened until hospital employees revived her.

“And I was just, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,'” she said. “I just couldn’t believe it, that they would leave me in there.”

Bank of America is investigating the incident.

73-year-old SoCal woman accidentally left locked in bank [AP]
(Photo: LYDIA and her SALAD DAYS)


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  1. Hoss says:

    I’m almost certain this will trigger extra fees — vault lodging $475, or overtime safe deposit audit $525. Glad it wasn’t me

  2. timmus says:

    What? There aren’t even motion detectors in the vault? I need to make a note of this place so I can tunnel in underneath the vault when me and Steve McQueen make our big bank heist.

  3. affidavid says:

    Strangely enough, this was the only Bank of American branch whose telephones failed to work once the doors were locked. Certainly she could have dialed 911 somewhere between “You’ve got to be kidding me” and passing out.

  4. ElPresidente408 says:

    It’s the ol’ passing-out-in-the-vault-to-steal-the-money routine. Nice try grandma.

  5. homerjay says:

    Am I the only one concerned that the cleaning lady has full access to the vault? :)

  6. MalcoveMagnesia says:

    @Carey, the link you posted is slightly malformed (looks like an extra piece of HTML is appended).

    Take off the extra HTML and the SFGate link will open fine. Here’s a LA Times link, too.

    BoA will probably offer this customer a settlement of a free lifetime safety deposit box, which given her luck, she won’t live long enough to get much use out of.

  7. HungryGrrl says:

    Don’t they put you in a wee little conference room with your box? I don’t think they let customers (or cleaning ladies) hang out in the vault.

  8. welsey says:

    I don’t think the article ever says she was locked in the vault, just a private room.

  9. 2Legit2Quit says:


    i’d be concerned too. i work at a credit union, and even our cleaning guys have unrestricted access to the whole place once everyone else leaves. And the systems really are not at all difficult. My password being…. password. God I hate the IT department.

  10. DjDynasty says:

    The valut where the deposit boxes are, and the fault where the money is are two different vaults. The money one has motion sensors. The Safety Deposit boxes, your key only opens your box.

  11. looks like grandma’s imagination got a little too excited after watching “inside man”. After she realized it doesn’t work like that in real life, the good ole’ diabetes excuse got her out of the pickle and worked like a charm.

  12. GitEmSteveDave says:

    Well, if she passed out before they closed the bank, and they looked into the room, they wouldn’t have seen anyone, and no one would have answered if they said hello. Also, being unconscious, she wouldn’t have been moving, thus not set off the sensors. If this was a room in which the customers have access to, and are using, it would seem matter of fact that the cleaning lady would be cleaning it. It just seems to be one of those cascade failure type situations. I mean it is KINDA the lady w/ diabetes’s fault for not having her meds with her when she was supposed to go out for dinner right after. And it was also the closing managers fault for not checking every room all the way.

  13. Charles Duffy says:

    @welsey: I read it to mean the viewing room. In my bank, that’s a separate room within the vault used for safe deposit boxes. No phones there.

  14. mammalpants says:

    technically, they own her now according to their Terms of Service.

  15. jmschn says:

    Grandma was probably discovered in the room where you get to access your deposit box in private. In any case, bank vaults require dual control to open and close…usually the Service Manager and a Teller so they have offsets. You can’t arm the bank alarms unless the vault is closed. C’mon people, didn’t everyone work in a bank before?? haha j/k

  16. @affidavid: Maybe there wasn’t a phone in the privacy room. She may not have even realized she was locked in before she passed out: she doesn’t remember what happened.

  17. The world would be better with less 73 year old women in it. Way to be proactive, Bank of America.

  18. Blueskylaw says:

    Did they charge her one days rent and an early moveout fee?

  19. Not Given says:

    You don’t pass out because you don’t take your diabetes medicine, you only pass out when you take your diabetes medicine when you are supposed to but you don’t get to eat when you are supposed to.