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  • How To De-RFID Your Credit Card
    Raccettura says: “I had an experience with this a few months ago. I emailed Chase about the Freedom card and getting a non-RFID version. Ends up they do offer that. It’s another card, but the same account type. They had no problem doing it. Just mailed me a replacement which I activated. No big deal.

  • Like Those 100 Calorie Packs? You’re Paying Twice As Much.
    TexasAnnie says: “You can get a perfectly good kitchen scale for around $10, weigh out your own 100-calorie portions, and put them in zip-top bags. It’s not difficult, and buying the scale and the baggies is way cheaper than paying that much for the wasteful amount of packaging that goes into those snack-packs. And just think: anyone visiting your kitchen will think you’re either on a diet, or dealing pot.

  • Tecnu Washes Away Poison Ivy Oils Instead Of Just Dulling The Itch
    Timmus says: “Tecnu is okay, but you’ve got to use it during the first 12 hours or so for it to really work. Usually by the time you’re itching up a storm, it’s too late to use Tecnu. Zanfel (about $35 a tube) is a holy grail. I’ve had it completely cure a 2-day old rash in just minutes.

  • How UPS Delivers When You’re Not Watching
    Maervo says: “My mom ships a ton of stuff with them and know the guy, even tips him at the holidays. This guy bends over backwards for her, even put a package in a plastic bag when it was raining one day. I saw him run over the lawn of someone up the street, guess they didn’t tip him….

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