Class Action Status Requested For Malicious Prosecution Suit Against RIAA

Remember Tanya Anderson? After the RIAA’s case against the 42 year-old single mother for downloading gangsta rap was dismissed with prejudice, Tanya turned around and sued the RIAA for fraud, racketeering, and malicious prosecution. Now, her lawyers have filed papers in federal court asking to grant her suit class action status. From Ars Technica:

The development, first reported by p2pnet, hopes to make a class out of those “who were sued or were threatened with sued by Defendants for file-sharing, downloading or other similar activities, who have not actually engaged in actual copyright infringement.” In other words, a class of the innocent. In the complaint, Andersen alleges that the RIAA “has engaged in a coordinated enterprise to pursue a scheme of threatening and intimidating litigation in an attempt to maintain its music distribution monopoly.”

This is the first attempt to condense a lawsuit against the RIAA into a class action. We wish them nothing but the best of luck in their crusade against the worst company in America.

RIAA faces possible class action over suing the innocent [Ars Technica]
(Photo: josephp)

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