AT&T Swears $10 DSL Is Available, But Only If You Don't Follow Their Directions

AT&T gave St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Michael Sorkin step-by-step directions for signing up for their $10 DSL offer that did not work. Sorkin had joined in us reprimanding AT&T for hiding the $10 DSL package that will surely usher in the apocalypse if ever found by customers. AT&T told Sorkin the whole hiding the ultra-cheap internet service thing was just a big misunderstanding:

AT&T spokesman Kerry Hibbs says the company hears you and “We’ve changed our website to make our $10 DSL offer more prominent and easier to find.”

So we tried again — and still couldn’t get it to work.

What a surprise. Look, AT&T, if you are pretending to hear us, then do the following: Add a $10 DSL option on your homepage. Revolutionary, ain’t it? We know web developers charge outrageous hourly rates, so we have taken the liberty to create a mockup for you:Mockup1.pngWhen Sorkin pointed out that AT&T’s confusing directions again did not work, they sent him yet another set of directions:

“Go to

“Click on ‘View More Internet Services’ in the middle of the home page.

“Click on ‘DSL at even a lower price!’ at the bottom right page.” (He said there previously was no such header.)

If that doesn’t work, don’t try calling AT&T, according to Sorkin: “AT&T says it will not provide a phone number or e-mail for people who still need help getting the offer.”

AT&T says: You CAN get our $10 DSL Internet offer [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

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