Top Posts Of The Week

  • Continental Passengers Revolt After Sitting On Tarmac For 5 Hours
    “So…how’s that Passenger’s Bill of Rights coming?”
  • Internal AT&T Manual For Handling All Kinds Of Customer Complaints
    “LTV1 accounts are customers who create a negative profit for the company. In most cases, these customers actually cost the company money each month.”
  • How UPS Delivers When You’re Not Watching
    “Looks like somebody set up some security webcams on their house and managed to catch a UPS truck driver deliver a package… by chucking it against the door from several feet away.”
  • AT&T Lied, Employee Discounts Don’t Apply To iPhone Calling Plans
    “AT&T pulled the bait and switch on its own employees.”
  • Don’t Visit Blockbuster To Redeem This Coupon
    “Thus, the many, many consumers (other than the original intended recipients) who have been forwarded a copy of the same coupon by others and tried to redeem it at Blockbuster outlets have been informed (by store personnel and/or in-store signage) that the coupon is not legitimate and will not be accepted.”