Parking in New York is such a hassle that NYPD cops have no choice but to park in front of hydrants when they patronize Victoria’s Secret and get sandwiches from the bodega. [The Red Tape Chronicles]


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  1. Uriel says:

    So delicious it’s illegal.

  2. V-effekt says:

    I agree that we should be outraged when public officials flaunt the law or think they are above it. Good for the maker.
    On the other hand… If we went to an in ground hydrant system, we could run the hoses over the cars and not lose parking spaces.

  3. forever_knight says:

    @veffekt: in ground hydrant system? sounds like a gift from the gods! i imagine the reason it’s not already being used is a mixture of “expense” of the new system and “we’ve always done it like this”

  4. How did I not know about something so awesome?!?!

  5. mammalpants says:

    we should just let it slide exactly like we have let our own personal freedoms slide! it’s that easy!

  6. acambras says:

    It reminds me of that show Third Watch. I think it was in their pilot where they had a scene where the firefighters were on a call. They were trying to access the hydrant but there was a very nice luxury car parked in the way. The firefighters gleefully broke the driver and passenger windows and threaded the firehose through the car.

  7. mandawest says:

    If there’s a fire in the area, the police will be notified by radio. So then they’ll move. We should be glad they’re not taking up spaces that we could legally use.

  8. shfd739 says:

    As a paramedic we try to park our unit as close to a store entrance as possible.If we get a call running to the far end of a parking lot where the open spaces are is not practical or speedy.

    I have seen hydrant supply lines put through cars and over cars, the people shouldnt have blocked the hydrant.

    There is also a pic floating around that shows an FDNY tower ladder that set up and put an outrigger on top of a car and completely destroyed the car.