Reach Capital One Executive Customer Service

Call 703-720-2500. Ask to be connected to the executive customer service team. Be prepared to describe the nature of your call.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone still have a Capitol One card? With American Express and Discover offering amazing balance transfer rates and generally better customer service, why are people still using these shoddy cards unless they are starting out their credit?

    • @thbarnes: Nope, and that is why I needed to call these folks. So they stop calling me 5 or more times per day since I have no association with them. They have (hopefully now “had”) my phone number on someone else’s account who was behind on payments. Emails to Capital One do nothing.

  2. Moosehawk says:

    Just say “no” to Capitol One.

  3. JustAGuy2 says:

    I don’t know who these people are (maybe a company that repairs government buildings?), but it would be very helpful to get the number for Capital One.

  4. whiplashchick says:

    how about CapitAl One? what’s their number?

  5. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Capitol One is a tainted, lead covered Chinese knock off.

  6. tinyrobot says:

    Here’s a question – I’m planning on doing a bunch of travel abroad in the near future. I have a Citi Premier Pass card (excellent card, BTW) that I use for most purchases, but I’m looking for a card that won’t nail me with fees for foreign currency charges or overseas charges (Citibank charges 3%). Capital One doesn’t charge ANY fees… I’ve never had a Capital One card, but since the general consensus seems to be they stink, I’m hesitant to get one if I can avoid it.

    So the question becomes… if not Capital One, what credit card is best for use abroad? Are they so terrible that getting a card and keeping it in my travel wallet would be a bad idea? Ben, fellow Consumerist addicts, please give me your thoughts.

    • Anonymous says:

      For goodness sakes, DON`T use a Capital One card for travel abroad. I have had a No Hassle (LOL) Miles card for several years, have excellent credit and have never been late. When my wife and I travelled to Mexico in 2008, their fraud dept. promptly shut off my credit card, despite me HAVING BOOKED THE TRIP ON THEIR CARD!! I called them from MExico and explained the situatuion. After asking some security questions, they assured me it would be reinstated. We waited an hour or so and tried to use it again. Still shut off. Another phone call, which was also costing me an arm and a leg as it was via cell phone, so international roaming rates. Went through the entire process again, but this time my politeness was out the window. They finally reactivated the card.

      Now to 2009. Wife and I are coming to Mexico again. This time, I call Cap One ahead and tell them I{m traveling to Mexico, do not turn off my card. Rep says thanks for calling, we should have no problems, BUT at the end of the call, he reads me a disclaimer stating that they STILL may stop charges while we are abroad. We get to Mexico, and as I check my email, I have an alert from Cap One fraud to contact them immediately. After wasting 30 minutes of my vacation on the phone with some stupid person in their call center, I ask for a supervisor who assures me that my card will remain active, and they are only trying to protect me. B.S.! They are only trying to protect themselves as I would not be liable for any fraudulent activity. Bottom line, Cap One customer service is non-existent!

  7. pestie says:

    @thbarnes: I still have mine. Yes, they jacked the interest rate from 4.99% to 9.9%, but that’s still pretty damned good. I usually pay off the balance each month anyway.

  8. jeff303 says:

    Capital One sucks. When I had a Visa with them, they kept changing the due date which resulted in $40 late fees twice. Then after I closed the account, they silently re-opened it five months later after a merchant issued a credit. Instead of just rejecting that, I guess their system is designed to accept it and just reopen the account with the credit. Now I’m battling with them to get the check in the mail for the positive balance and *close the damn account* for real.

  9. Helvetian says:

    @thbarnes: I certainly do, CapOne is great. The problem though is that while they serve prime accounts they also serve the underserved markets like teens, and bad credit individuals. These type of accounts are costly, high maintenance and make unreasonable demands (i.e. I’m 18, this is my first credit card, my account is 90 days past due and I want you to raise my limit to $5000). When it doesn’t happen, they complain and bash with phrases like “CapOne is terrible, I have been a good customer and they refused to raise my limit.”

    I have never had a single problem, and even with this recent change in terms, I was not impacted. If you have good or prime credit, give them a chance, these accounts are handled seperately than the $100 Platinum Visa accounts issued to everyone. I have a 4.9% fixed APR for purchase and cash advances, absolutely no fees, a high credit line and world class service.

    And finally AmEx/Dis cards, ever try using them abroad? No one wants to accept them. Visa is the global standard, Visa it’s Everywhere I want to be.

  10. Podar says:

    I just tried to call this Capitol One executive customer service number and it’s not working. You just get put into the usual non-human system at a higher level. My problem is that I paid last month’s bill before the billing cycle actually closed. Maybe it’s my mistake and I just need to eat the late fee. But it sucks that you can’t pay your bill early. If you do, they penalize you. Would appreciate other input on this.

  11. SOhp101 says:

    @Helvetian: Visa isn’t everywhere you want it to be any longer, but life does take it.

    @Podar: That applies to every other credit card company out there. If there’s a balance left on your card at the time of billing cycle closing then you have a minimum payment due. Many cc companies give you one fee waiver every year so doesn’t hurt to ask… if you manage to get a CSR on the phone.

  12. S_C_B says:

    To Podar:

    Well, when it comes to paying your bill early with Capital One, you can do that. I’m not sure if you can do it through their system. I just got my card about a month ago. I charged up an amount, then sent a bank payment the same day. It posted to my Capital One the next day. So just send a payment through online bill pay and you should be just fine.
    I use Capital One sort of like my debit card(for the rewards). I charge up an amount for the day, then immediately send a payment through my bank. So there is no chance of a missed payment or a finance charge!! I’m getting them good.

  13. cam00023 says:

    Not sure why all the complaints that this number doesn’t work. I had my first ever late fee on my CapOne account and tried the regular customer service line. I waited on hold for 4 mins and then the overseas agent asked me like 10 questions and finally agreed to submit a request that maybe in 1 or 2 billing cycles would remove the $40 charge from my acct – if it gets approved. I used this line and the woman that answered put me on hold for a minute and then took the charge off, no questions asked. I love the internet.

  14. eagerbeaver says:

    Try this number, just hit 0 to bypass voice prompts.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The number given at the start of the article (703-720-2500) gives you to the switchboard. If you ask for Exec Cust Svc., they just transfer you to regular customer service in Texas. The head of card services for Capital One is:
    Ryan Schneider
    1680 Capital One Dr
    McLean , VA 22102

    He doesn’t talk to customers directly for obvious reasons. You have to send him a letter to the above address. Good luck.

  16. Anonymous says:

    While it may give you satisfaction to tear them to pieces, verbally, an alternative is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They recently raised my interest rate from around 7% to 15.99% and used the current economic condition for justification and also told me that the only way I could keep the low rate was to close the account – making it un-usable. Apparently good customers are compensating for those that are defaulting. I checked the BBB’s site and they seemed to address issues quickly, so if you believe your’s has teeth, file with them and post to other consumer sites. Bad publicity is hard to recover from.

  17. mhc says:

    I have battled with Cap One since Dec 2007. I settled 2 accounts with them. One settled and closed without issue. With the other one, they did not take my last payment (which was set up on their web site). Since then, I have spoke with numerous employees from rep’s to managers and supervisors. All tell me that it will take 30 days to close out the account. It is almost 2 yrs later…not sure how long 30 days is to them. At any rate, since June 2009, I have been sent to 4 different collection agencies. I have always had excellent credit, but this has left my credit in sorry shape. Yesterday, I received yet another letter from another collection agency. I spoke with them and again faxed them all the documents showing all payments had been made, the dates and names of the people I spoke with and what I was told during each conversation. Today I went searching for contact info for the CEO (which Cap One refused to give to me btw), and I came across this site. I was appalled to see all of the enties! You would think that someone in Cap One would actually care about their reputation, but obviously not. If anyone has any suggestions, please submit! Thanks.