100 things you can make yourself instead of buying them. [Simply Thrifty]


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  1. Zgeg says:

    Thanks for the how to on the Igloo!! My Igloo guy jacked his prices and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to afford another one!!
    Thanks Consumerist!!!

  2. LionelEHutz says:

    I bet that Bill O’Reilly knows all about how to make his own loofah and falafel.

  3. Nilt says:

    Sorry but that list isn’t exactly accurate. There’s the Maple Syrup which requires you to have your own tree to tap (OK, not too uncommmon but not everyone has one). Then there is the couch link. The couch they “made” is from Ikea; it’s really assembling your own, not “making” it. Those are two of them 2 that caught my eye and weren’t exactly inspiring once I clicked.

    A few links in there are OK but it’s hardly worth the paper it’s not printed on.

  4. crnk says:

    an interesting list, but a lot of it ranges from impractical (camera, crossword puzzle, boos) to no cost savings (crayons, stuffing, pickles, and other already cheap items) to downright illegal (Whiskey….at least without permits).

  5. JayXJ says:


    Haven’t had much luck with Igloos with the heat being over 100 this week but it IS nice to see I no longer have to hire a contractor to build a tree fort for the kids…

  6. ediebeale says:

    There are some things you should not skimp on (not splurge, either, just not buy the cheapest version of), and hair conditioner/shampoo and moisturizer are just two of them. Don’t eff with your skin and hair, man.

  7. I just spent 15 minutes on hold to get the nice sprint lady (that I got through by requesting billing on the voice prompt)to block the sending and receiving of text messages on my phone.

    I was willing to spend 10 cents for one of my friends to text me a “whats up” while drunk in a club at 3am… 15 cents was pushing it…

    20 cents? Are you F-in’ kidding me???

  8. This new format where posts go from big to small is really messing up my commenting abilities while pissed off.

  9. mac-phisto says:

    you have to read the one on bacon (#8). seriously, LMAO.

    clicky! clicky!

  10. RandomHookup says:

    I have discovered a couple of great DIY methods that cut down on my prostitute spending. Of course, my palms are wicked hairy now and I can’t drive at night, but I have fully funded my 401k.

  11. infinitysnake says:

    @ediebeale: Um, why not? BGoth have a nice tendency to grow back…

    In the end, most shamppos are made with exactly the same detergents anyhow.

  12. Chicago7 says:


    Yeah, I wonder how many people will tap a hemlock tree or some other tree and get the kind of sap you don’t want!

    And make your own cufflinks from phone plugs and wire. Look, if going to wear French cuffs, you going to a fancy dinner or the opera or something. If you can’t afford cufflinks, you can’t afford to go.

  13. erica.blog says:

    Only 100? How disappointing. :-)

  14. floofy says:

    DIY sparklers? are they kidding? they’re like 12 for a dollar at the dollar store. Not to mention I won’t have to worry about blowing my house up trying to make them.

  15. whiterose says:

    How does one make bacon without the assistance of a pig?

  16. DebNg says:

    I think many are missing the point. When I wrote the list it was to point out how many things we can make on our own without having to rely on convenience. That doesn’t mean we should go out and make all of these things, but it is meant to inspire other to think of the things they can make on their own instead of buy.

    @Erica – I have more, several lists to be exact.

  17. @ediebeale: You could probably make it yourself without it being cheaptastic.

    Does anyone know why the recipe carries a warning?

  18. zibby says:

    Don’t forget “A car”.

    My grandfather made a car. True story.