Foreclosure Filed On 1 In 29 Households In Detroit In 2007

The foreclosure numbers for the first half of 2007 are in and Stockton, California leads the pack with 1 out of every 27 homes foreclosed on in 2007. Second is Detroit, with 1 in 29 and coming in third, Las Vegas with 1 in 31.

Among the big cities: New York came in #82, with 1 foreclosure in 305 households, an increase of 47% from last year. Chicago was ranked #30 on the list, with 1 in 88 households in foreclosure, up 45% from 2006. LA was #29, with 1 in 87 and an increase of 125%.

You can read the full report at RealityTrac’s website and see how your neighbors are doing. If you live in Richmond, VA you can relax. Your area has only 1 in 2,319 households in foreclosure, dead last on the list. Congrats!

Las Vegas, Detroit foreclosure rates double-report [Reuters]

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