Time Warner To Launch Various Crippled DVR-esque Services

Time Warner is launching a service that works sort of like a DVR, but doesn’t let you fast-forward—or skip the ads.

It’s a Video-On-Demand service called “Start Over” because all you can do is “start over.”

It’ll work with your DVR, with the following conditions from TWC: “You will not be able to use the Fast-Forward keys on a program you started over, and you will not be able to start a recording of a show that you have started over and conversely, you may not “Start Over” a program, you have previously set up as a DVR Recording.”
From DSL reports:

As the name indicates, the service only lets you start programs over — while content is still stored remotely. The service won’t let you fast-forward through ads and only works for “selected” shows and channels, according to Time Warner.

The company is also launching a new service in South Carolina this October called “Look Back,” which allows subscribers to watch previously broadcast episodes of popular TV series. This service, too, makes sure that you can’t fast-forward through ads in order to placate broadcasters, and only lets you view programs from that day.

It’s free. Will you give up your DVR for this? Do we hear laughing?

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