Mattel Will Recall Another Chinese-Made Toy For Lead Paint

Mattel is probably going to take another toy off the shelves due to overleaded paint, reports the AP and a tipster. The announcement of which toy could come today.

Hopefully it’s not our favorite line of moldable playdolls, The Plumbum Pals. We’ve got like almost the whole set.

Mattel Said to Plan 2nd Toy Recall [AP]


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  1. G-Dog says:

    So, it’s true. You get what you pay for? Cheap foreign labor is cheap for a reason.

  2. headon says:

    China: Breaking News: Suicide season expected to be very active.

  3. bobreck says:

    Hmmm… they make the ever so popular Disney/Pixar Cars from the movie Cars. The article says that it’s probably die-cast cars. Wonder if the “sensitivity of the situation” has anything to do with possibly Disney’s name being tied to the recall? I hope that’s not the case, because my 3 year old has just about the entire collection and loves them. I’d hate to have to take them all away from him.

  4. SaveMeJeebus says:

    @SockMonkey: I heard it was just the “Sarge” jeep.

    No love lost in my house. My son primarily plays with Lego stuff.

  5. burgundyyears says:

    It just hit the CPSC site – 250k “Sarge” cars were recalled due to lead paint issues.

    More notably, however, was a large Mattel recall for magnetic toys that has just been announced as well – 9.3 million toys recalled.

    Not a good day for Mattel.

  6. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @burgundyyears: Karma for using chi-coms for thier factories. Screw them maybe they will pull thier head out and actually have things made here.

  7. rikkus256 says:

    lol, I expect to see another chinese toy factory owner “commits suicide according to chinese officials”.