Contact Discover Card CEO, David Nelms

David Nelms, CEO
2500 Lake Cook Rd.
Bannockburn, IL 60015
Phone: 224-405-0900
Fax: 224-405-4993

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  1. retech says:

    Seems like it may be time to dust off my old copy of 1001 things to do with a CEO’s address and start with #1: tell the CEO just what you think of his customer service reps.

  2. trecool95 says:

    Who has a Discover card?

  3. FatLynn says:

    I have never had a problem that discover didn’t fairly resolve for me. Heck, they have even removed fees that were my fault, because I have been a loyal customer.

  4. MENDOZA!!!!! says:

    no, seriously. Discover cards stille exist?

    Peter: “Na, nah, no. I don’t think so. I would rather accept two live chickens than your fly-by-night credit card.”

  5. Valerae says:

    This is one of the few CEO’s I’d consider writing a thank-you note to – I’ve almost never had a problem with my Discover Card, and when I have it’s been resolved immediately.

  6. jamar0303 says:

    @trecool95: Well, for a start, frequent travelers to China *should* have a Discover card handy. China’s bank network, UnionPay, is linked with Discover. Heck, even the local Best Buy (Shanghai, the first Best Buy in Asia) is only prepared to handle UnionPay/Discover because few people here have MasterCard/Visa/AmEx. All but the smallest local shops take UnionPay/Discover, while only really big stores (except Best Buy) take the others, and even then only with a 3% transaction fee (sometimes smaller or exempt for UnionPay).

    I should know- I live in Shanghai and have my own experience (but wouldn’t you know it- all the cellphone and game console importers, no matter how small, all take the big-name cards; because China has no shortage of Wiis, unlike America).

    The fact that I spend quite some time in China is my main reason to get Discover when I get back to the States (for now it’s UnionPay). Now I only wish that more stores in the US would take Discover (UnionPay is all well and good in China where it’s freakin’ everywhere but in America Discover seems to be… less accepted).

    OK, rambling talk over.

  7. Squeezer99 says:


    me, for a 0% 12 months BT i’m making money off of by putting it in a 5% savings account. and to the guy above you, i’m perfectly happy with discover’s CSR. called, activated card, and a very attractive sounding CSR send me a BT check to use.

  8. mrosedal says:

    I would most certainly write this CEO a thank you note. Not only have they never given me problems, but they bend over backward for my business. And when I compare them to my Chase card (which I am going to ditch in the next month) there is just no words to describe how good Discover is!!!!!

    First I accidentally missed a payment a while back because I missed that final submit button. They waved everything and put my record as if I hadn’t missed the payment. And after I first got my chase card they called me and lowered my interest rate to 3% to try and gain my business back.

    In my opinion they are the best credit card out there. I just with they were accepted everywhere like Visa and then I wouldn’t have to have a second card at all!

  9. Nicococure says:

    Discover is the best credit card to have if you’re a responsible credit user, i.e. paying off in full each month. Using it for most purchases, one can earn between 1/4 % and 5 % cash back bonuses. You can redeem the bonus for cash (no fine print here!) or gift cards to lots of outstanding retailers. I cannot recommend any other credit card but this one. If you have a good payment record, they definitely and happily waive a forgotten late payment once in a while. If you’re good to Discover, the company is good to you!

  10. joshsmithnv says:

    If I didn’t know better, I would think all of these glowing reports are from employees of Discover, or David Nelm’s mother.

    Charges from a merchant, which totalled over $8k, were charged to my client’s account. The merchant later issued a letter of credit, but never processed the credit. My client sent certified mail to Discover, disputing the charges, and provided proof of a merchant credit letter. For six months Discover has not done anything with the disputes, even though they have received over four certified letters. Discover has accessed fees, over the limits, and reported the account as undisputed and past due on his perfect credit file. All of these things are: breach of the contract with Discover; violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act; and violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    There executive offices (Code name for: complaints) tried to brush me off with demands for Power of Attorney and denying receipt of correspondences, despite our evidence to the contrary.

    Time for another Federal Law Suit. Credit card companies know that 99.55% of their customers don’t know or appreciate their rights and as such, they are going to be lied to, cheated, defrauded and played for a fool, unless they can afford an attorney and stand up. Most people can’t, and they bank on such.

  11. JMM90 says:

    I’ve recently emailed David Nelms regarding an extremely high interest rate on my Discover card. I was very polite and got to the point. Within a few hours his secretary was calling me several times until i answered! She then apologized profusely for my dissatisfaction with the credit card and decreased my interest rate by 10%!!! This really works, so what are you waiting for?! Got a problem? Let him know!

  12. BIG-READY says:

    I would love to complain to David Nelms about his collection practices. My mother passed away on May 6th 2008. I just received a call from the collection department of Discover. (My Mother was never a day late with her payments. NEVER!! The girl said she was trying to collect a debt. The debt she said was $121 owed on the card.
    I asked did you send a bill? She said yes, today, but I need to get security information. I said, it will be paid when the bill comes, I won’t give any information over the phone, it will be paid when I get the bill.
    Now, today is only the 21st of May,I just buried my Mother on the 10th of May and they are calling me for a payment for a bill which wasn’t even delivered yet or due yet. Can’t they wait one month to see if the bill is paid. What kind of policy is it to call when someone dies and the bill isn’t even due yet?
    Did David Nelms have a mother?
    Did he receive calls like this?
    I will NEVER do business with companies like this!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Today,Monday, 2/23/09 Discover Card has not fought the fight for me, a loyal card holder in good standing since the 70’s. I really expected to be treated as a respected individual that had a problem and it went far beyond the norm and a human factor needed to be put in motion. However, that did not happen. I feel sorry for a corporation that has grown so big that the “little” people do not matter. In this time of financial trouble every cent counts and to be forced to pay something that was not received is an outrage. I have never and will never try and scam anyone out of their just monies owed to them and would hope that the same respect would be given to me…..Sorry Discover, YOU LET ME DOWN……

  14. Saniya Kashif says:

    You guys think you are too smart but actually not. You guys sucks. Some one from your fraud department have called me last night after 9:00 pm when kids are in bed and woke up the whole house. The discover card person sounded drunk and haver asked me to pass on the personnel information. Like my cell phone number. I have been recieving calls for the last weeks. I have already called my local police department to do a check on your company. Stop calling me otherwise consequences will ne worst. Thank you.

  15. Bhc says:

    Called today and spoke with Nelms’ EA about my inability to resolve a dispute (avoid “Employment Crossing”, et al, at ALL COSTS!). She listened to the tale and explained that it would cost Discover a substantial sum to continue the dispute so she just applied a credit to my account. Discover is the ONLY credit card that has ALWAYS gone to bat for me. All the other companies could learn many lessons from them.

  16. Anonymous says:

    My mother-in-law has been a loyal Discover Card holder for over 23 years and has never been late, not once.

    Recently, she received a letter that her interest rate got bounced up to 25.99% from 12.99 because of the economical crisis that Discover is experiencing. My mother-in-law is on a very low fixed income from her Social Security and barely gets $800 per month to live on.

    Also, do to a flood of her living space, many of her papers were destroyed, including her April 2009 Discover statement, so she thought. So immediately Discover charged her a $40 late fee…her balance is less than $1000 and she has a $18,000 limit.

    So my wife called Discover on behalf of her mother and pleaded with customer service to reverse the fees and lower the interest rate and they said that if she make the payment by phone for April and May 2009, then they might reverse the late fee only after the payment is processed and then my mother-in-law needs to call to request the reversal herself (she hardly speaks any English), but there is no promises or guarantees. As for the interest rate, there was nothing that Discovery can supposedly do.

    So basically, Discover is trying to rectify the money they are loosing from the poor economy by charging their perfect to nearly perfect customers more than twice the interest rate, and not showing any loyalty back to their clients that have a perfect record. What kind of Customer Service Oriented Financial Institution is this? Its a Rip off and the CEO David Nelms is responsible for everything that happens with the company and its financial supporters – MEANING ITS CUSTOMERS.


    This is far from being over and we will pursue justice on behalf of our mother until the CEO, David Nelms gives an answer himself!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I just sent an e-mail to Mr. Nelms, hoping that he can be the one from Discover that can clear up a mess that has ruined my credit. I am a victim of identity theft, and my credit is messed up, and all I get is bills, even though I didn’t open a Discover account. I hope I can write back with a positve result, because of Mr. Nelms.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I got my answer about Mr. Nelms helping me out with someone using my social security number and opening an account in my name. Ya. He helped. He is being nice enough to let me pay $3500.00 to settle an account I never used, or they will destroy my credit even more than they already have. Thank You Mr. Nelms. It would have hurt less if you would have broke my knnecaps.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I just wrote to the CEO about my excellent credit history for 9 years, then I make one large purchase for travel purposes and they raise my interest rate to variable + 11.99%! Before it was fixed and lower than that! I’m mad. Never have missed a payment, rarely carry a balance more than a few months without paying it off – and now I’m punished? Doesn’t seem fair to me!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    1. Last month, I requested lowering my credit limit.
    2. I have never paid late.
    3. My monthly payments, average, well over $1000.00
    4. Today, I requested raising my credit limit.
    5. You denied my request.
    6. On referring me to a supervisor, my telephone connection
    terminated. I will not use your service again ! 580 622-2522

  21. Anonymous says:

    I made a phone payment yesterday and decided that I want to completely pay my card off today. I have spoken to the “highest level of service managment” (I do have the name) who tells me that I have to wait for 3 days to do this or go to Sears with a certified check or cash to pay it off. What is this? I then call the number for David Nelms which is listed on this website 224-405-0900 and get a guy (I do have the name) who tells me that what I have been told is correct! When I asked if I could speak with Mr. David Nelms this guy tells me that I can not leave a message or even speak with him because he does not talk to the customers!! By the way my interest rate is 23.99% and my balance is over 10K, I have had this card since 1990. Is this how Discover treats its so called loyal customers??

  22. jeth says:

    Discover Card customers were recently informed that they were discontinuing the Secure Online Account Numbers feature.

    So, now instead of “proactive” approach to customer’s security, David Nelms has chosen instead for a “reactive” one. Although he promises $0.00 fraud liability, he would rather force all the effort on all of his customers rather than keep an existing and well established program that saves the customers all of this work. Now, in reactive mode:

    YOU, the customer must detect the fraudulent transaction
    YOU, the customer must report this to Discover
    YOU, the customer must prove that it is a fraudulent transaction
    YOU, the customer must wait for them to go through several billing cycles to make sure that the error has been corrected
    YOU, the customer must work to get a refund if your bill is being paid automatically from your bank account
    YOU, the customer must work with the three major credit agencies to make sure that any fraudulent activity hasn’t affected your credit rating, and to get the errors corrected.

    The Secure Online Account Numbers feature was a highly effective proactive tool to drastically reduce the potential for fraudulent use of your credit card number because it was restricted to “your” purchases, and yours alone, from the one merchant.

    A dishonest employee couldn’t use the number for their own purchases, first because the names of the customer and merchant would not match and it’s not likely they would try using it at their own company.

    This is a very bad decision on the part of David Nelms and should make the board seriously consider replacing him.