IFS Sandwiches (Listeria monocytogenes), Formation Coca-Cola Themed Glasses (laceration), Toshiba Notebook Batteries (fire), Garden Treasures Cloud 9 Beyond Chairs (fall), Bistro Chairs (fall), St

bben Steeltec SEQ Stirrups (fall), Birchwood Sole Sandal Clogs (fall), CleanEffects and AccuClean Air Filtration Systems (fire), Club Car Inc Golf Carts (loss of steering control), Orvis Stuffed Plush Horse/Pillows and Fairy Dolls (choking), Rehvac Relief Plugs (injury), Lowe’s Basic Blindz

Window Blinds (strangulation), 2007 Raleigh Cadent Bicycles with Carbonage Carbon Forks (loss of control), Sherwin-Williams Hi-Heat Aerosol Coating Cans (serious facial injury), Plan 9 LED lights (fire), IMI Cornelius frozen carbonated drink dispensers (fire), Coldwater Creek Shawl Collar Sweaters (fire)