Free Calls From Telemarketers With Digital Voice Service Activation!

Subscribers to Comcast Digital Voice service get more than just digital phone service installed when they sign up. They also get the pleasure of Comcast selling their phone number to telemarketers, fresh out of the box!

Numerous consumers have begun to complain online (read the comments, too) about receiving telemarketing pitches on their phone number within days of installation, referring to them by name, before they even had time to give the number to anyone. In some cases, the telemarketers asked for the person by a misspelled variant of the their name, the same wrong name that appears on their Comcast bill.

Consumerist reader Kevin writes, “I was receiving calls from telemarketers within 3 days of installing my digital voice line in my house. It got so bad that I just unplugged the phone.”

Undoubtedly, new subscribers will open their first bills to find a “marketing fee” surcharge for the pleasure.

Comcast sells your new phone number [Messaging….. Technology…… Life…..]
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