Chinese Car Fails Frontal Crash Test In Spectacular Fashion

Chrysler motors is now under the steady hand of disgraced former Home Depot CEO Robert “Big Bob” Nardelli. What does this have to do with unsafe Chinese cars?

Last month Chrysler struck a deal with the manufacturer of the Chery Amulet, shown in the above crash test video. In accordance with the deal, Chery would manufacture small cars for import into the US.

According to Autoblog, “The dummy in the Amulet had to be removed in pieces, and the magazine, AvtoRevu, is now calling for the car to be pulled from the market.” Will “Big Bob” go through with the deal?

What do you think?

VIDEO: Chrysler might want to reconsider that Chery deal [Autoblog]

PREVIOUSLY: Chinese “Brilliance” Car Doesn’t Look Very Smart In Crash Tests


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  1. ptkdude says:

    Perhaps the new execution method in China is to strap the person in the car and wreck it.

  2. Hawk07 says:

    Meg, you’re being too hard. It looks like if you’re in the backseat, you’ll be fine.

  3. wezelboy says:

    If Chrysler had any sense they would ditch Big Bob and offer a very large sum of money to Steve Jobs to turn their company around.

    I’m only kidding a little…

  4. hc5duke says:

    @Hawk07: The process of squishing the driver and front passenger actually provides extra cushioning effect for the rear passengers. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

  5. Buran says:

    Chevy went with Daewoo for the Aveo. It’s actually a good solid little car… my ex and his roommate both have red Aveos, and I’ve ridden in and driven one of them. Wouldn’t personally buy one and the shifter on the manual one was awful, but other than that they were fine for that price range.

  6. d0x says:

    @Hawk07: I dont know about that, the trunk maybe but the backseat still looks kinda sketchy.

    I’ve never seen a car crumple like that.

  7. catnapped says:

    Don’t you people understand that this is America’s plan to help with runaway health coverage costs? Kill the driver (and/or passenger) then there’s no coverage to worry about–they’re dead!

  8. Crazytree says:

    I Chinese
    Our car not the best
    fail full frontal crash rating test

  9. nursetim says:

    The guys on Mythbusters couldn’t of destroyed a car like that.

  10. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @catnapped: Are you sure it isnt a secret plan to get rid of the poor? You know if a Jag and this little jewel met I am sure the Jag driver would be fine.

  11. yg17 says:

    Nah, no need to go through insurance. That’ll buff right out.

  12. kweee says:

    Americans are larger, flabbier, and much sturdier people, so we’d be fine in that crash.

    Hmm, I could work for Chrysler PR!

  13. vitonfluorcarbon says:

    Okay, Chrysler probably won’t sell this based on this crash test. But, you can sure as heck guarantee that ALL relevant prints, technology will be given by Chrysler (of existing Chrysler products) to the Chinese to fix their problem. I predict that shortly after this technology transfer occurs, that the Chinese will dissolve the deal and manufacture cars to compete directly with Chrysler and others using their own designs. Been around the Chinese enough to know that any intellectual property is not safe with them, regardless of any “deals” that are made.

    Patent law means nothing to the Chinese government. While safety innovations are usually patented for prestige of the patent holder, the patents are usually shared without any compensation to the patent owner – so we all can be safe. I will not buy a car made in China, even though most of the American cars have mostly Chinese parts in them.

  14. bossco says:

    If the crash doesn’t kill you the lead paint will.

  15. ninabi says:

    But…but…what about the paint? Was that lead paint that flaked off in the crash test?

    If WalMart sold cars, this would be it.

  16. says:

    how fast was it going?

  17. timmus says:

    Seriously now, is the nation that short of CEO candidates?

  18. JayXJ says:

    On the positive side: If they do import these as-is you don’t have to worry about damaging your car hitting one. I can just wipe the remains off the bumper of my CVPI like dog mess and keep rolling.

  19. Aeroracere says:

    What you don’t know could KILL YOU RIGHT NOW! Find out more tonight at 11!

  20. ChrisC1234 says:

    @vitonfluorcarbon: I’d say that the Chinese are more than welcome to steal as much as they want from Chrysler. Chrysler cars are crap, and Chinese cars are crap. Crap + Crap = one steaming pile of crap.

    Anyone have a pooper scooper?

  21. SkyeBlue says:

    What did they make that car out of, painted aluminum foil?

  22. TVarmy says:

    Just when you think it’s done tearing itself apart in the impact, it keeps crumpling and shredding more! Almost like it has a mechanism to destroy itself in the event of an emergency, so no one else can risk their lives in it.

  23. vitonfluorcarbon says:


    I can’t really disagree. I would never buy a Chrysler unless things really change there. Cars made in China assures it won’t happen!

    While I won’t buy a Chrysler, I do believe them to be safe vehicles. That was the point of my post regarding technology transfer.

    Oh, and the Chinese won’t steal. They will just unethically use what is “given” to them.

  24. queenmizz says:

    Now that’s what I call popping a Chery.

  25. levenhopper says:

    Didn’t this already appear on Consumerist? Or was that another crappy, dangerous car?

  26. a_m_m_b says:

    good grief. no idea a car could accordion crumple that bad. i’d rather walk than drive in that thing as it’d be safer playing chicken with heat stroke given the way people drive here in the Valley.

  27. superlayne says:

    Dear God is that epic.

    I want to see a whole bunch of them crash and pile on top of each other. Then fling the remains to China and hope I hit a few of the people who thought manufacturing this was a good idea.

  28. cde says:

    Fiberglass cars vs Painted Tin Foil cars is the new Ford Metal Pickups vs Fiberglass cars.

  29. ironghost says:

    According to my handy copy of bablefish, that’s a 64kph/40Mph crash.

    Dear God…

  30. The Walking Eye says:

    @d0x: That’s just a large, more effective crumple zone. The car absorbs much more of the impact than those “safe” American cars, keeping the occupant cozier and in place while the emergency vehicles arrive.

    @levenhopper: Yes, but the news that Chrysler’s choosing to have this company make their bottom of the line is new.

  31. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    To be semi-fair.. IF these cars actually do make it to the US under the Chrysler badge, they still need to satisfy our safety standards. I’m sure Chrysler and Chery will have to modify the design to make it more safer.

    But based on the video, I’m thinking it might be cheaper to design a safe car from scratch rather than modify and retrofit an existing car.

    It’s sad to say, but American auto makers will never capture the compact car market. They should just stick with large trucks and SUV’s and rebadge them under 5 different nameplates. They’ve been doing it for decades, why stop now? ;-)

  32. esqdork says:

    @Crazytree: Pidgin English, very classy.

  33. beyond says:

    Do you think that airbag helped at all?

  34. crashman2600 says:

    I’d like to see what would happen when my gas guzzling Suburban hit this at 65mph. Probably would’nt even bend the license plate.

  35. catnapped says:

    @beyond: Sure–it probably knocked the dummy out cold before the rest of the car “killed” him.

  36. formergr says:

    @levenhopper: Yes, this appeared on Consumerist about 8 weeks ago. Megann and Ben– lately you guys are recycling way too many pieces. Do you really think no one will notice?

  37. Fry says:

    @TVarmy: Robots in disguise?

  38. Bulldog9908 says:

    @formergr: Not the same car. This is a newer Chinese coffin.

  39. mammalpants says:

    maybe the chinese should stick to making quality peanut butter and childrens’ toys. oh f#ck, they did wha?

  40. jstonemo says:

    I haven’t seen something crash that badly since Windows Vista.

  41. yg17 says:

    @beyond: It would’ve, except the white airbag powder happened to be anthrax. You didn’t think a Chinese car would come in a non-tainted model, did you?

  42. exlawyer says:

    Does anyone know where we can see fottage of a “safe” car taking the same test (same speed/same impact angle.) It would be fascinating to compare them.

  43. camas22 says:

    the quality of the comments is really starting to go downhill here. i wish there was a digg style system where you could demote useless comments.

  44. cde says:

    @camas22: You do realize that your comment would be demoted too, right? Hypocrite.

  45. fall_farewell says:

    The “Poison Train” continues, eh?

    Surprising Video, The metal seemed as week and thin as paper. I was wondering how far back the impact was going to crush. Kinda scares me about ever going with any Chrysler car, not that I actually ever would.

  46. Maurs says:

    @exlawyer: Try the NCAP website: []

  47. Trai_Dep says:

    What’s the problem: Americans are too tall compared to Chinese. This fixes it!

  48. Lordy says:

    This is why i buy German made cars autobahn tested :)

  49. Trowble (XBL/PSN) says:

    Accident Forgiveness…

  50. EtherealStrife says:

    Heh Chery consistently fudges tests because of poor results like these.

    In one test that I’m aware of they just rebadged a daewoo (chery vehicles are ripoffs of daewoo and look almost identical) and submitted it as a Chery.

    Knockoff Daewoos…and Chrysler wants em. Yup, I’m sticking with Japanese.

  51. john_nyc says:

    The Long March continues…

    China poisons our pets, they export toxic seafood, they send our children toxic toys, they make antifreeze-laced toothpaste. Now they’re going to be exporting these deathtraps. The list will go on and on and we’ll continue to welcome these weapons into our ports with open arms in a suicidal frenzy of low cost consumerism.

  52. jamar0303 says:

    @EtherealStrife: Daewoo’s *still* around?

  53. mac-phisto says:

    dear chinese car manufacturers: frames are not optional.

    that is all.

  54. topgun says:

    Actually, the funny comments are the best part.

  55. says:

    One thing to note about the way the auto industry works: just because Chrysler is considering owning or marketing Chery’s vehicles, does not mean the Chery will come with a Chrysler logo on it. For example, Ford owns Mazda, but Mazda makes their own vehicles. Same with Volvo, Lincoln, Jaguar, and Mercury.

    That’s not to say that Chrysler wouldn’t decide to incorporate aspects of the Chery Tinfoil into its own Chrysler version, which WOULD suck…

  56. Chairman-Meow says:! you all simply do not understand!

    You see, they sell this car to US market. After car crumples up like paper cup after too many leaves fall on it, the scrap is shipped back to China to make new & exciting unsafe products. Result ?


  57. DjDynasty says:

    @timmus: Yes the nation is that short, You should meet the idiot who’s running Macy’s who thinks people in Chicago want a fucking NYC brand crammed down our throats. All they do is peddle Martha Strewart & Vera wangs Vagina for sale.

  58. DjDynasty says:

    @jamar0303: Not only are they around, they are now known as GM Daewoo!

  59. statolith says:

    “Actually, the funny comments are the best part.”

    Yeah, they are! But the handful of racial ones kinda bum me out.

  60. ptrix says:

    Just noticed that the Chinese-made crash-test barrier didn’t stand up too well under the pressure either.

  61. Jaysyn was banned for: says:



    I’m the original owner of a `99 Plymouth Neon with 225k miles & the only major problem I’ve ever had with that car is a blown headgasket (really, I replaced it before it actually “blew”) @ 90k miles that according to my mechanic basically affected every Neon ever made. Other than that, and my ex wrecking it, my Neon has been a pleasure to own. That being said, I wouldn’t buy a new Chrysler either.

  62. theblackdog says:

    @nursetim: I bet Adam and Jamie wish they had.

    I know what car I won’t be buying when my Hyundai dies.

  63. gibsonic says:

    “Does anyone know where we can see fottage of a “safe” car taking the same test (same speed/same impact angle.) It would be fascinating to compare them.”

    Check out YOUR car here…

  64. mac-phisto says:

    @ptrix: lol! awesome observation! that brings the total times i’ve watched this since yesterday up to 12. it never gets old!

  65. gibsonic says:

    time to update one of my favorite sayings…

    “Man walk in front of car get tired
    Man walk behind card get exhausted”

    “Man walk in front of car get tired
    Man walk behind card get exhausted
    Man driving in car gets put to sleep”

  66. getjustin says:

    @beyond: Um…what airbag?

  67. Wormfather says:


  68. skittlbrau says: I used to work for Ford. Lincolns and Mercurys are pretty much the same damned thing as a Ford with a different “top hat” (outer body and interior). It’s consistently referred to as badge engineering, and is part of the reason the US automakers are in the toilet right now. GM and Chrysler do it too.

    But Mazdas, Jags, and Volvos have different guts.

  69. I’ve never seen a car crumple like that.
    @d0x: Me neither. Finally something to compare the “good” crashes too in all those car ads.

    Damn Nardelli, at least at Home Depot you weren’t putting people’s lives in danger!

  70. gibsonic says:

    OT a bit here…but I was shopping for a new SUV a couple months ago and decided to check out these re-designed Suzuki XL-7’s. They look really awesome on the outside. They really aren’t an SUV per say since they are built on a car/mini-van chassis.

    Anyway, one major thing stood out (other than the incredible price for so many great features)…

    This thing is using the same engine as the Cadillac CTS. It has full dual exhaust from the manifolds all the way to the rear.

    Really impressive vehicle.

    Didn’t buy one though. Just “window” shopping.

  71. savvy9999 says:

    OMG that crash video is unbelievable. Like watching slo-mo of someone stepping on a beer can.

    I’ve totalled 2 cars in my life (both times I rear-ended someone else @ about 40 MPH, not paying attention), and this was before airbags existed. Walked away from both, with my worst injury being a headache and a broken nose.

    Both cars were 70- and 80s-era Fords. There’s just something to be said for good old fashioned American-made steel gas-guzzlin’ tanks.

  72. acambras says:



  73. hwyengr says:

    If you want to see the fruits of fine German engineering in small car safety, may I direct your attention to these post-test results of the MINI Cooper, at the IIHS.

    Same test, notice how you could have opened the doors after the crash.


  74. bbbici says:

    China is overpopulated anyway. In north america we have a lot of safety regulations for all sorts of products, and our laws in general are designed to keep people alive and productive. This is because our governments have invested quite a bit in each individual (education, health, etc) and they want people to live long enough to repay the government through taxes. I’m sure in china people are pretty low value, so the government really doesn’t care if people die.

  75. wezelboy says:

    I hit a tree at 70 mph in a miata and walked away. That was one sturdy car, and I was very very lucky.

  76. gibsonic says:

    here’s and idea. anyone convicted of vehicular homicide due to a DUI or DWI should be put in a demolishon derby with other like offenders in the Chery cars.

    Last person alive wins a ride in a crash test car.

  77. lowlight69 says:

    wow, that was some video….

    was riding my bicycle to work one day and some lady pulled out from a driveway in front of me. i plowed into the side of her car, landed on the hood, bounced off onto the sidewalk. after the broken ribs, bruises, and abrasions i still feel safer on my bicycle than i would feel in that car…..

  78. SirKeats says:

    i wonder if seat belt laws still apply in this vehicle. LOL

  79. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation:
    Except of course all the people crushed by things that fell off of high shelves.

  80. ekthesy says:

    Crazy video. My thought was “like a hot knife through butter.”

    At what point can I start thinking that there is a vast Chinese conspiracy to kill Americans through lousy, dangerous or poisonous products? I mean, when are all these recalls NOT a coincidence?

  81. Cowboys_fan says:

    Geez what happened in China? I couldn’t smash my chinease made dinky cars(mattel even) on purpose, even with a hammer.

  82. gibsonic says:


    though i am personally inclined to believe in a chinese uprising conspiracy theory… i think the problem is much less sensational

    the problem appears to be from the rapid industrialization of China much in the same way the US and other nations did over a hundred years ago.

    The US didn’t treat the environment very well at all and safety standards were a bit delayed.

    However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is the same thing and China should be excused for their mistakes simply because of a learning curve.

    In reality, with the internet and all modern forms of communication, there is no good reason why chinese can claim to not know certain safety standards.

    It is definitely an government oversight issue. As in the rest of the world, “while the cats away, the mice will play”. If the gov’t isn’t keeping the businesses (even it’s own) honest and up to standards the businesses will only do as much as it helps their bottom line and will cut corners every way they can.

  83. Kerkira says:


    Chrysler isn’t contracting with Chery to build this car or any car like it. Chery is going to build the Dodge Hornet, a car designed by Chrysler to meet US crash standards. Before any are sold in the US, examples will have to pass a battery of rigorous DOT crash tests. This video has as much relevance to the crash safety of future Chinese Chryslers as video of the Hindenburg has to Lufthansa airline safety.

  84. gibsonic says:

    “…This video has as much relevance to the crash safety of future Chinese Chryslers as video of the Hindenburg has to Lufthansa airline safety.”

    good point. They didn’t have wireless internet on the Hindenburg.

  85. hi says:

    The funny thing is this IS actual speed!

  86. mac-phisto says:

    @gibsonic: this is why i’ve downgraded my personal expectations for china to be the next hegemon from “highly likely” to “almost, but missed the opportunity”. now, i’m looking to brazil or india (or possibly germany) to carry the flag when we’re done in a few decades.

    one of the chief ideas china seems to be missing in international development theory is “leapfrogging” – the concept that a country can take advantage of newer & cheaper technologies to advance beyond the current production abilities of core nations.

    this car seems to be more akin to the ISI failures of eastern europe & latin america (such as the trebant or yugo) than RE successes (such as the rise of toyota/honda or hyundai’s current production line).

  87. Ncisfan says:

    @ekthesy: When the American public breaks the seal of control corporate America has over consumers and the government. Is when we,The American public, as a whole begin to open our eyes and notice the distinct possibility that theres a new war going on, and its not the war on terror. and its a war thats been declared by the Chinese government on the U.S. and for what ever reason China had decided the best way to fight the unsuspecting United States is to slowly kill Americans with their unacceptable consumer goods, while driving others out of jobs. Making money is just a bonus!

  88. Havok154 says:

    Well the bad thing about this car is that if you back into it while in a parking lot, it’ll be totaled. But on the bright side, you can give the guy a $300 check and call it even.

  89. EtherealStrife says:

    @ekthesy: Ah but the target is not necessarily Americans. Chinese take population control seriously.

  90. Brad2723 says:

    This car shouldn’t even be allowed to be sold in the US. With pet food poisonings, and lead paint, killer toothpaste, bad tires, etc… why are we still buying stuff from China?

  91. WillACarpenter says:

    That scares the living @$^$%& out of me! I’ve seen less damage taken from MOTORCYCLES hitting brick walls at the same speed! Hell at least with a motorcycle I would get to have half the engine and the entire dash/steering column plunged through my TORSO!



  92. buggy_bee says:

    thats the price of having a cheap car.

    getting stocked in saturn center shoulder seatbelt and be grinded into pieces after a crash.