A list of things currently being stolen from Walmart. Of interest, Alli is still popular with the shoplifters and DVDs of 300 are rising in the charts. [Behind The Counter]


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  1. tvh2k says:

    By the way I saw a commercial this weekend. It’s pronounced like “al-LIE” (like ally, friendlies in a war) not al-LEE (as I had thought). Glad we cleared that one up.

  2. etinterrapax says:

    From the first store where I worked, his list was typical. From the second, air freshener refills were among the most common items for which I found packages behind the towels and in the shower curtain rod bin (obviously, I worked in domestics). Condoms were also a frequently-stolen item from the drugstore where I worked in high school. If you can’t face a high school girl and buy condoms, you shouldn’t be having sex, sincerely.

  3. RandomHookup says:

    I’m pretty sure the Bible is also pretty high on the shoplifted list.

  4. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    I refuse to submit to the geezer-with-marker that the House of Wal posts at the exits. I went there a couple days ago (it’s the only place they have a kind of craft item I buy), and on the way out the door I steered my cart around the shocked receipt marker. She must have pushed some button because a stentorian voice exclaimed from the speakers something to the effect of, “Please stop and allow your cart to be examined.” I ignored it and went out to the parking lot. Then I heard some loud drill-sergeant voice yell, “Hey you!” I stopped next to my car and fumbled with my purse for a few minutes, getting out my keys. Interestingly, nobody actually followed me out to the car that time (they HAVE done it before).

  5. letoofdune says:

    If you’re bored, read most of the blog. The author is surprisingly well spoken (err, written?) when he’s writing bitter diatribes about most of the Wal Mart folk. I keep it on my feeds list, just because it brings a smile to my face and gives me the feeling of, “Hey, my job blows, but at least I don’t have to deal with this particular brand of mouth breather.”

  6. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Its easy to find the shoplifter who uses Alli…just follow the leaked trail of oily stool.

  7. WhatThe... says:

    @tvh2k: I had thought it was pronounced the other way also, until I saw the commercial…

    @AlteredBeast: FTW!

  8. SaraAB87 says:

    Man, I can’t believe someone would go through that much trouble to try to score a free loaf of bread!

    Except that I hope these people that do these things to the customer service people know that people are out there writing blogs about them.

    The only time I advocate making a big deal out of something in a store is when the company (like BB) will not honor what they have originally said they will and the customer has all the proper documents in writing that says they will honor something but they do not. The best buy TV return story that was on here a few days ago comes to mind. This is a big ticket item, your hard earned dollars and you can only be nice for so long, especially when dealing with these pushy sales people and managers who are purposely trying to avoid the informed customer because it costs their company money to fuilfill an agreement. But if all possible try to be nice first before escalating to these tactics!

  9. D-Bo says:

    I <3 Behind The Counter. We need more employee stories it’s been a little dry around here lately…