Don't Visit Blockbuster To Redeem This Coupon

This Blockbuster coupon cannot be redeemed for free rentals, soda, or popcorn. It is a waste of toner and time. From Snopes:

It apparently originated as a genuine rewards coupon e-mailed as part of a Blockbuster promotion, but its use is supposed to be tied to the redeemer’s having earned it through participation in a specific affiliate program. Thus, the many, many consumers (other than the original intended recipients) who have been forwarded a copy of the same coupon by others and tried to redeem it at Blockbuster outlets have been informed (by store personnel and/or in-store signage) that the coupon is not legitimate and will not be accepted.

Ugh, another internet myth debunked by Snopes. First they say Bill Gates won’t give us $245 for forwarding an email, then they tell us we won’t be declared legally insane for taking more than seven hits of LSD, and now this. Thanks, Snopes, for ruining the internet.

Blockbuster Coupon [Snopes via Frugal For Life]

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