Publix Stops Price-Matching Walmart's $4 Drug Plan

Bad news for people who were enjoying Publix’s policy of price-matching Walmart’s $4 generic drug plan—they’ve discontinued it, opting instead of offer free antibiotics.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Pharmacy employees at a half-dozen Central Florida Publix stores confirmed Tuesday that the grocery chain has dropped its policy of matching — when a customer requested it — Wal-Mart Stores’ nationwide discount price of $4 for more than 60 generic drugs in more than 160 doses and varieties.

“We have the free antibiotics, so we were told to stop the Wal-Mart $4,” one pharmacy employee said.

Oh well. Go to Walmart (or Kmart, they have essentially the same program) for your generics and Publix (or Meijer, they also offer free antibiotics) for your antibiotics. Win.

Publix’s free-drug offer has flip side [Orlando Sentinel via WSJ Health Blog]
(Photo:Jacob Langston, Orlando Sentinel)

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