Meet The New EnergyGuide Label

The suspense is over. After two years filled with action-packed consumer research, suspenseful public meetings, and frank discussions with advocacy groups, the Federal Trade Commission is finally ready to tag dehumidifiers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines with a new and improved EnergyGuide label.

The new label looks remarkably like the old label, with one major difference: estimated yearly operating costs take center stage, swapping places with estimated yearly electricity use. According to the FTC, that’s not all:

The new EnergyGuide label has a streamlined look and will display estimated yearly operating costs prominently for most appliance types. This estimated cost information, which will appear on the labels in dollars per year, will provide consumers with a clear context to compare the energy efficiency of different appliance models. It also will help consumers assess trade-offs between the energy costs of their appliances and other expenditures. The new EnergyGuide label design will continue to display energy consumption information (e.g., annual electricity use) as a secondary disclosure for most labeled products.

Ok, maybe that is all. The redesigned label should hit store shelves in about six months, ready to beckon consumers towards the most energy-efficient appliances.

Concluding Two-Year Rulemaking, FTC Announces New EnergyGuide Label [FTC via Consumer Reports]

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