Vonage Announces "Workarounds" To Counter Verizon Patent Infringement

Vonage’s CEO announced today that his company had sucessfully developed “workarounds” to the Verizon patents that they’d been found guilty of infringing. From InformationWeek:

“We have substantially completed the deployment of workarounds for the two name translation patents and have completed the development of the wireless patent workaround,” said Vonage chairman and chief executive Jeffrey Citron, in an e-mail message. “This is a significant step toward moving ahead with our business in the wake of the Verizon litigation.”

Good news for customers who want to stay with Vonage. Will their ‘workaround” defeat Verizon’s team of robotic super-lawyers? Only time will tell.

Vonage Cuts Losses, Develops ‘Workarounds’ To Counter Verizon Patents

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  1. Ncisfan says:

    I sure hope it does, Verizon should get a taste of its own medicine!!

  2. theblackdog says:

    I hope so, my roomie just switched to Vonage after Sunrocket went bust on us.

  3. ThyGuy says:

    I like vonage. I would like them more if they let me block certain numbers. We use vonage at work and can’t block lunatic customers from calling.

  4. FLConsumer says:

    I wonder how they went around the patent infringement….and what sort of problems (outages) this will mean for their customers.

    /ditched Vonage because they’re too damn expensive and their customer service sucks.

  5. Alan Thomas says:

    I switched from Vonage to Verizon’s “VoiceWing” service. It stinks, big time. I’m looking forward to switching back once the lawsuit is settled.

    @FLConsumer: Vonage isn’t too expensive, compared to other full-service VoIP offerings. They’re much cheaper than Comcast, and about the same as Verizon, but with much better quality. Vonage also has a $15 plan, and a $5 toll-free plan.