Please Don't Throw Drinks At Your Local Drive-Thru Attendants

Ok, just in case this wasn’t crystal clear: please don’t scream “fire in the hole!” while throwing drinks at your local drive-thru attendant. Certainly don’t add chemicals that might burn out people’s eyes. Please remember that service industry workers are people, too. They deserve respect, unlike Today Show producers, who apparently spend their days dredging YouTube for story ideas.

That is all.

The Today Show


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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Well, there goes my plans for this evening…

  2. B says:

    So, is it okay to throw drinks at Today Show producers?

  3. pegr says:

    They will do this to the wrong person and experience “Bullet in the Head”…

  4. m.ravian says:

    i only wish you people could’ve seen the shit i saw working for 8 months at a Starbucks drive-thru in Houston, Texas.

    i never felt less human than i did then.

  5. TechnoDestructo says:

    My dad has been known to hurl iced tea at the building if they give it to him warm. Not at the employees, though.

  6. agent2600 says:

    i don’t get the point of this article

  7. urban_ninjya says:

    YouTube’s sure creating alot of stupid fads. Wasn’t it only a month ago when people were doing fence plowing? []

  8. Chicago7 says:

    Somebody should tell MSNBC that people are actually being shot at in the world. Maybe they could cover that.

    Or how about an expose’ on how cab drivers are constantly trying to run over pedestrians (their CUSTOMERS, BTW)? That is actual harm.

    I also wonder if anybody bothered to find out what burned that one kid’s eyes? It seems unlikely that somebody could get the cola from the kid, put something in the drink and then throw it back at him, all in the couple of seconds he is sitting there.

  9. roche says:

    I saw one of these videos a few months back. I really hope someone catches those little bastards and beats the crap out of them.

    It is bad enough being someone who has to work at a crap job making minimum wage without having some entitled douchebag throw a drink in your face.

  10. drjayphd says:

    @urban_ninjya: Why can’t these crazy kids use YouTube for something useful… like Rickrolling?


  11. boandmichele says:

    this makes me feel awful. kids these days, i swear.

  12. shirou says:

    It probably would burn a little bit if you got Coca-Cola in your eyes or something, that’s likely all it was, really.
    It’s not like he was blinded or anything.
    wp Today Show, top class reporting this

  13. MalichiDemonos says:

    Just for airing this on TV they too are condoning to this issue just like they do to any other issue that the put on the news.
    Now that more kids know about it they too will want to join in on the “fun”…

    Thanks Today show… No go find you next fix for ratings.

  14. Observer2121 says:

    It’s not like they are using new videos either, that Lion vs Buffalo Vs Croc video is so old and yet the Today show is acting like this happened yesterday. They suck, get some real news.

  15. timmus says:

    If these retards want “fire in the hole” action, perhaps a judge will order one of them into the Marines to go fight in Iraq.

  16. timmus says:

    Test, my comment did not show.

  17. timmus says:

    Suddenly it shows. This blogware is flaky.

  18. Trackback says:

    The advertising company promoting the new Bourne installment has placed a giant ad on Matt Damon’s New York home with his likeness, and the slogan “Bourne Comes Home.” The ad would also like you to know that Matt Damon is out of milk, and his cat peed in one of his plants.Check…

  19. It is all fun and games until one day the fast food worker pulls a gun on them.

    It goes both ways.


  20. ptkdude says:

    If the Today show could find these videos on YouTube, so can the police. The should (theoretically) be able to get an IP address of whomever uploaded the videos.

  21. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    The today show is so unitelligent fluff designed for blue hairs and the unemployed. I can’t stand to even watch te millisecond I see while flipping channels. BTW I am sure this won’t effect most of you but the Today show is going to be extended by one hour so NBC can cancel Passions. One of my friends is a video editor for them and thought he was getting the axe but HBO or Cinemax ..I cant remember which is picking up the show for at least a year.. Yeah even more time for dumb reporting.

  22. Hawk07 says:

    I’m surprised more places don’t have cameras capturing the license plate numbers if for anything else to help CC fraud and/or theft.

    And thanks to our legal system, the asshats that perpetuate this crime will win some multi-million dollar lawsuit if the employee runs and beats the living dog crap out of the deserving driver.

  23. Buran says:

    While throwing food at someone is totally uncalled for, I can understand the frustration. It seems that it’s near impossible for some of these people to get orders right. My bf hates cheeseburgers and wants his hamburgers PLAIN. And yet they keep slapping cheese on. You’d think it’d be easier for these idiots to NOT do something than to do it. And yet …

    And before people come along and say “it’s fast food, what did you expect?” I say “I expect to get what I ordered”. You don’t mess with peoples’ food. You don’t know why people ask for something to be left off their food. They could be allergic. They could be SEVERELY allergic. And who do you think is going to be liable when the customer has a receipt that clearly states “custom order, no X” when they got seriously ill or died from eating food that had X on it?

    Pick it off? Why should I do their work for them? And then there’s still bits of X still in the food.

    If they can’t make your food right, stop right there and tell them the food was made wrong, and isn’t what you ordered, and wait right there until you get what you did order. BE POLITE, but firm.

  24. Buran says:

    @Hawk07: Two wrongs don’t make a right… if you commit assault, you deserve what you get. Right answer: call the police and phone in the license plate.

  25. Buran says:

    @Tian: and gets thrown in jail for attempted murder, as they should.

  26. Bauer22 says:

    Oh just wait till this Monday. “Lonelygirl15 killed by common household appliance that could be in YOUR HOUSE”

  27. ktoth04 says:

    And now everyone who didn’t already know about it does… I bet we see an increase on this craptastic behavior shortly


  28. Curtis_B says:

    This reminds me of how a few years ago, our local news started running stories on how teenagers can legally buy salvia at head shops and get really really f’d up on it. Surely all that did was promote the reckless behavior. Way to go, ‘news’!

  29. SEMMEagent says:

    @shirou: I heard that there was Cayenne pepper added to the water and that’s what caused the eye irritation.

  30. Chicago7 says:

    How did they add Cayenne pepper to it? While they were sitting there? Did they order a coke and then go around again?

    That’s a lot of effort for this lame joke.

  31. Wubbytoes says:

    That sucks. Working at a drive-thru is bad enough without teenage douchebags throwing soda in your face.

  32. smarty says:

    Wow, a story about consumers doing something wrong. That’s a first, and it figuers Carey would be the one to do it. Ben and Meg would never actually admit that consumers can be wrong sometimes.

  33. Scuba Steve says:

    Worked drive-thru at the second worst place to possibly work drive-thru, Taco Bell. Some thoughts:

    1. Carrying? In a restaurant? In work clothes? No sir, I don’t think that’s even possible.

    2. Closed Cameras? Never gonna happen. If there’s one thing that franchise owners hate more than “drive-by tossing”, it’s spending money on more cameras. Cameras that don’t prevent theft. Sure, they might punish the perps, but they won’t even prevent anything.

    3. Drive-thru sucks. Worst position in the entire crap-fest that is fast food. Things I hated:

    A. People who drop change.
    B. People who drive off.
    C. People who change their order at the window. (Mainly to get free stuff)
    D. People who Yell.
    E. People who Whisper.
    F. People who aren’t ready at the window. After seeing me holding their order.
    G. People who ask for things that aren’t remotely related to the store. What am I, your mom?
    H. People who drive back around instead of going inside for a problem. Does this look like the complaint window?
    I. People who walk through the drive-thru. I’m not opening the window for you.
    J. People who yell “Hello” although they’re not quite on the sensor that tells me that someone’s there.
    K. People who stick me with drive-thru because I was the only one mature enough to do the jobs that no one else wanted to do. Yeah, the “happy employees” who didn’t have to listen to a beeping, yelling microphone for 8 hours a day.

    //Rant off.

  34. loueloui says:

    I can’t wait until some of these dorks get busted. It’s not only assault, but in Florida at least, it’s ‘Throwing a deadly missile’ which is a felony.

    I bet they’ll experience fire in the (ass)hole when they go to jail.

  35. welsey says:

    @Buran: I really don’t think this is about frustration with the workers. It’s just people being horrible to fast food order takers they view as not important. Maybe you should avoid the drive-through window if seeing the employees get drinks thrown at them causes you to bring up why they probably deserved it!

  36. AbstractConcept says:

    This idea was stolen from the CKY movies (pre-jackass). I’m surprised they didn’t get blamed for this one, like they did with everything else.

  37. StevieD says:

    Hmmmm, I can think of a few solutions….

    I have the local law enforcement number on speed dial. I just call my Uncle Bob and give him the tag number.

    Uncle Bob is the patrol captain.

    Never hurts to have family or friends on the force.

  38. StevieD says:


    You are absolutely right about a beating is about to happen. Especially if the guy in the window is also the biggest baddest dude in the local HS and has to protect his rep.

  39. Buran says:

    @welsey: People are getting angry for a reason. And it’s pretty likely, given how stupid these people tend to be as a whole, and unable to follow basic instructions, not giving people what they paid for (which I’m pretty sure isn’t legal), that they screwed up and got a few people a bit too angry one time too many.

  40. mrmysterious says:

    This is totally unacceptable. It’s wrong on so many levels. If I was behind a car that did this to an employee in the drive through window I would make sure that the cops get these bastards.

  41. voteccow says:

    I can’t understand why people would find so much enjoyment in doing this, honestly I wish people would just follow the golden rule. Treat people how you want to be treated. I have to put up with similar crap at the place I work at, people think they can push you around because your just a lowly retail worker.

  42. hardisonthefloor says:

    this is hardly a new “fad”. its been going on around here for probably 20 years.

  43. mammalpants says:

    i think the today show has another headline that would be appropriate for their show…


    Studies show that 63% of 99% of beverages are capable of murder. What are YOU drinking??

  44. 2Legit2Quit says:

    Umm first, this has been going on for years. Youtube isn’t the fuel here.

    Second, a burning sensation? It’s a fucking carbonated drink, it may sting a little. Quit whining and gtf over it. It wouldn’t be cayenne pepper. That shit would probably require at least a hospital visit.

    I’m glad my tax dollars are hard at work for such a heinous crime to be solved.

    Aww, you had soda spilled on you. Yea, I’d be pissed. Yea, it’s embarrassing and unfortunate – but get the hell over it.

    @StevieD, that’s gonna be just a little tough to follow through on if no security camera picked up his license plate ;) so fuck your “force” family.

  45. 2Legit2Quit says:


    See the point of a drive-thru is so that I don’t have to get out of my car. I’m in a hurry. I get “fast food”. If there is a complaint, ya know, like you got me a soft taco instead of a hard or put beans on my nacho bell grande, I’m going to make sure that you’re the one who knows about it. I shouldn’t have to get out and stand in line inside because you fucked up my order. Wanna know what I hate about fast food?

    1) When you go through the drive through and the person on the mic sounds like they just got their tonsils ripped out

    2) When my order is completely incorrect.

    3) Being asked if I wanna try a Special Combo. No, blow me.

    4) Putting tomatoes, when I specifically asked no tomatoes. I can’t even stand the taste or smell.

    5) Having to wait in line or in the drive through because your having a conversation about your boyfriend/girlfriend/three kids to the co-worker next to you.

    6) Starting your greeting with “What”

    7) Thinking that you deserve a medal for your “tough” job because you get paid shitty and have shitty hours. Awwwww… :(

  46. Moosehawk says:

    Okay, this was funny when Brandon Dicamillo from the CKY and Jackass gang did it about 10 years ago. I may be missing the point, but these kids piss me off. They didn’t think of it.

  47. jrdnjstn78 says:

    That’s pathetic when throwing a drink at somebody is consider a night’s fun filled thing to do. I guess these guys have nothing better to do???
    Bubba: Let’s go and throw drinks at the drive-thru person!!
    Herman: Yeah!! I love Friday nights! Let’s record it too!! Put it on YouTube and get out 15 minutes of fame!
    Bubba: Yeah they’re just stupid drive-thru workers, they’re not important!

    These guys need to get a life. I hope the next time they go to the drive-thru in town and are really ordering to eat maybe an employee will spit in their food, drop it on the floor, etc.

  48. Jaysyn was banned for: says:


    I doubt that cause you can’t freaking move if you’re smoking good salvia. Seriously, when I tried that stuff I couldn’t even stand up much less engage in reckless behavior.

    Salvia isn’t a party drug, that’s for sure.

  49. man kids today suck, can’t they think of something more clever?

  50. homerjay says:

    That burning sensation is just the Coke altering your DNA.

  51. flackman says:

    I miss Ben Popken.

  52. Phuturephunk says:

    Those people are just trying to make a living. What kind of punks would do that?

  53. Observer2121 says:


    Plain old water splashed in your eyes will burn like hell too. I doubt the driver got his cup whipped out some pepper, took off the cover poured in the pepper and threw it back at the fast food guy.

  54. Scuba Steve says:


    It was only a matter of time before someone like you chimed in a proved my point about it being the worst job.

    Because you would only have to picture 200 cars all with your attitude all in line, all getting pissed off at the huge wait, not even the slightest realization that it’s lunch hour rush, waiting to pull up and scream at the 15-16 year old taking orders to the best of their abilities.

    I “get” the idea of fast food. I just despise it along with anyone who exemplifies the lifestyle.

  55. CaptainSemantics says:

    @Buran: Look, just because someone put cheese on your hamburger accidentally, doesn’t mean you get to throw soda in their face. The whole point of everyone’s comments is to say, “This behavior is unacceptable in society. They should be punished.”

    I know it’s frustrating when some 6.00/hr retard can’t get my Taco Bell order correct, but I don’t throw soda at them. These kids’ behavior can not be justified, so get over whatever beef (pun intended) you have with the fast food industry.

  56. zibby says:

    Please. These kids aren’t angry about anything other than not getting any. They’re doing what teenagers do – acting like tools. I used to do all kinds of crap like this until I grew up enough to realize how idiotic I was being. I think I was like 31.

  57. Buran says:

    @CaptainSemantics: Uh, did you see the part where I said that it’s unacceptable to do that? I guess you failed reading comprehension and can’t tell the difference between actually supporting something and saying you can understand the cause.

    Thanks for playing.

  58. acambras says:


    Aww, you had soda spilled on you. Yea, I’d be pissed. Yea, it’s embarrassing and unfortunate – but get the hell over it.

    Wow, Max — the way you put it, it makes it sound like it was all an accident. Hmmm.

    @StevieD, that’s gonna be just a little tough to follow through on if no security camera picked up his license plate ;) so fuck your “force” family.

    Security cameras or not, if I was car behind them, you can bet I’d take down the license plate number and report them.

  59. Steel_Pelican says:

    @MaxPayne3476: “7) Thinking that you deserve a medal for your “tough” job because you get paid shitty and have shitty hours. Awwwww… :(”

    I don’t think anybody’s asking for a medal. They’re asking to not be treated like shit by dicks who feel superior because they have a better job.

  60. Peeved Guy says:

    @acambras: I think Max and Stevie are just annoyed that the Today Show didn’t showcase their viedos of them abusing the fast food workers.

    Just like most other things, this issue is simply chalked up to people being self-absorbed assholes that think the world exists simply because they are converting oxygen to CO2. The punishment these tools need to experience is to have people throw drinks and/or food on them for a few hours at a county fair.

  61. ingridc says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this “news” piece wasn’t worth a mention on Consumerist? This is straying dangerously into Digg/Fark territory here. I still love you, Consumerist… it just seems weird to call out the Today Show producers for doing exactly what the Consumerist is doing by posting this piece.

    News flash! These kids are simply morons.

  62. LionelEHutz says:

    These workers are the ones at fault. They should be quicker at closing the windows.

    Yes, I’m kidding.

  63. fall_farewell says:

    Wow most of the comments made much more out of this than it is. It is simply a horrible prank that the kids should be punished for. You have no way to tell if they were “angry” with the workers because the workers suck or get things wrong.

    I am certain it was a prank and has nothing to do with their belief about the state of the fast food industry. You just wanted to turn this into a way to show how dissatisfied you are with the fast food industry yourself. This story has absolutely nothing to do with that. If you wanna try to give them a little justification, then go ahead, but you have no grounds for it.

    If someone gets your order wrong, you tell them it was wrong politely and you get it fixed, dont act like a yelling retard because you didn’t get onions. Oh noes not onions! Go ask for a new one and stop expecting the world to be perfect and always cater to your need to have everything done in 20 seconds.

    Fast food is fast food, you get what you pay for. Yes there are some horrible fast food places that always have horrible workers. Report them, call their customer service line. It has always worked for me and been better once I go back. Until then, don’t go there! Find somewhere else to eat. No one is forcing you to go through that drive-through the 2nd and 3rd and 4th time. The ole “burn me one, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me” definitely applies here.

  64. CumaeanSibyl says:

    According to this story, one worker got a drink full of hot sauce to the face. So yeah, that would cause some “burning sensations.”

    I imagine if you went out planning to do this, you’d have your ammunition prepared in advance.

  65. welsey says:

    @Buran: Uh, it’s definitely not about people being angry. But if you wanna bring up your vendetta against people who put burgers together for minimum wage as some sort of justification for 14 year old kids’ stupid pranks, that’s cool. All I know is I would hate to be working at any fast food restaurant when you come in, “given how stupid these people tend to be as a whole” – wow, nice attitude. Boo hoo, someone messed up a cheeseburger, vigilante soda justice now!

  66. andrewsmash says:

    The reason the fast food workers are chosen for abuse by teenagers is the same reason that they get dumped on by everyone – they are a stationary target. It’s hard for people who have never worked behind the counter to understand, but you are basically stuck in a crappy job, listening to terrible music, wearing a horrific uniform, and being forced to take shit off the general public for up to 10 hours a day. And if you quit – where will you go? Another chain just like the one you already work for. So you stand there, making just enough to be able to keep coming in, taking abuse from every teenage idiot, fat housewife, and self-important business dweeb who can scratch together enough change to afford cardboard sold as food. And because the cowardly corporate overlords have decreed that the “customer is always right”, you can’t even remind them to use the most basic of manners when interacting with you, the only recourse you have left is to sabotage their food (which 95% of people in the industry think is taking too far). So really, taking advantage of a fast food drone is about as classy as kicking a puppy. But since in the ‘New America’, class is considered elitist, I guess we should just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  67. drjayphd says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but having worked drive-thru at a fast food place, especially one that got slammed during the lunch and dinner rushes, I figure fast food workers at least deserve common courtesy. Generally, even if it’s not their fault if something gets screwed up, they get blamed because, oh, they’re some 16-year-old who can’t get a better job… even if it’s the highers-up that botched their planning and the cashier’s just there.

    @AbstractConcept: That’s because no one remembers the CKY tapes, just Jackass. Besides, it was better when they drove up to Greenwich and asked if there were various things in Mianus.

  68. ChristopherDavis says:

    @Buran: If someone’s angry, they might throw a drink. They might even come back another day and intend to throw a drink, though since it’s unlikely they’d hit the same person who screwed up their order it’s nonsensical.

    However, specifically doing so in order to film it and put it on the Internet? That’s not about bad service. That’s about assaulting someone who can’t retaliate just because you think it’d be fun. Having multiple people do it in multiple locations using the same catchphrase? That’s herd-following, not anger about bad service (whether justified or not).

    As for your comments about “how stupid these people tend to be as a whole”: if you don’t think fast food workers are capable of competently making orders the way you want them, perhaps fast food isn’t the sort of food you should be buying.

  69. consumer_999 says:

    ‘Videos with someone being hurt or humiliated will be removed’ ??

    Good luck! That’s all YouTube is – people being hurt and humiliated. :P

  70. the_goz says:

    I was the grave manager at a Taco Bell for a few years and had little arseholes and drunks do this sort of thing to my employees. After the second time it happened, we kept a “fire” bomb handy for payback. If someone threw something back at us, we’d yell “fire bomb!” and whoever was nearest to the back door would grab it and run out back where the drive-thru ran past and hit them with the “fire” bomb. A “fire” bomb is a baggie full of fire sauce. And it hurts like heck if it hits your eyes.

  71. floofy says:

    If they catch these little bastards, their punishment should be having to work 3rd shift drive thru for a month.
    It’s not just stupid people who work in food service. You’ve got all types from high school kids to moms, to people who are just plain down on their luck. Christ, when did people start thinking it was ok to treat people like that?

  72. synergy says:

    @Chicago7: Haven’t you ever ordered something at the drive-thru before more complicated than just a drink? Usually they hand you the drink they filled up while you were coming around to the window and then you sit at least a minute waiting on the fries and burger or whatever. More than enough time to pop the lid, drop in some Cayenne pepper, close it, swirl it with the straw, and toss it at them.

  73. rawsteak says:

    was that harry anderson giving the report?

  74. alienorgy69 says:

    When I was 19, the position of General Manager was thrust upon me (long story.) I always defended my workers but we never lost our cool. There were always ways to get back at a customer without them knowing after they were snippy, yelling or just general A-holes. We had signs we’d give each other and we knew what to do. Just because there’s a stigma about fast food workers it doesn’t mean we liked being disrespected.