Peter Pan Peanut Butter Coming Back For Your Children!

After several months of absence from store shelves due to a much-publicized salmonella problem, Peter Pan brand peanut butter is back, this time with a “100% satisfaction guarantee” and a redesigned container. The new batches are coming from a different production facility than the one that led to 625 Peter Pan-related salmonella infections in February of this year. So how does ConAgra Foods protect their brand and spin the product re-launch without reminding consumers why there needs to be a re-launch in the first place?

Like this:

Consumers and retailers alike have been eagerly anticipating the return of Peter Pan Peanut Butter, the brand that consumers have loved for nearly 80 years, and the wait is over.

To be fair, salmonella-tainted peanut butter is a rare occurrence. According to the Wall Street Journal (subscribers only), “the only previously known salmonella outbreak in peanut butter occurred in Australia during the mid-1990s.” (We hate to break it to you, WSJ, but that’s called Vegemite and it’s supposed to taste that way. Murdoch isn’t going to be impressed.)

We’re especially pleased by the 100% satisfaction guarantee, because that means if we catch salmonella this time, we can get our peanut butter money back.

Peter Pan peanut butter returns to shelves after salmonella outbreak [Chicago Tribune]

(Photo: Getty)

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