Friendly Email To Steve Ballmer Results In New XBOX 360

Reader “AlteredBeast” writes:

Dear Consumerist(s)…

I was a frustrated Xbox 360 owner. Long story short, I had 6 Xbox 360 since launch that needed to be replaced, 4 of them due to poor quality control with the refurbished units (only 2 fell victim to the overheating issue). I had already purchased an extended warranty, beyond the extended one Microsoft provided. On the 6th repair, I was insisting on getting a new, not-refurb, unit. I escalated the call as high as I could, to where I was given a special phone number and extension for a case worker of sorts.

I was told that if I had called a few days sooner (closer to when I received the 6th unit), I could have gotten a new unit…but it was too late. He also insisted he was as high as I could go, and there was no flexibility. I thought what I was requesting was fair, and was getting very frustrated.

Around the time I received the box in which to send back my busted 360, The Consumerist posted the email addresses for Microsoft execs, including Bill Gates. I typed up my case, clicked send, and crossed my fingers. Just two days later I received a call from a rep who was perfectly willing to replace my 360 with a new unit! The turn over time was fast, and so far my 360 has worked flawlessly! Granted, it wasn’t in a brand new retail box, so I will never know if it is truly new, but it had no scuffs like my refurbs did, and smelt like a new item. So I just wanted to than you guys, and if you are ever at the Jersey shore, come on over for a BBQ and some Xbox 360 gaming!


Mmm, BBQ! You know the path to our hearts.


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