Reservation Rewards Infects GameStop?

Coupon merchant “Reservation Rewards” has infected GameStop, according to reader Mike. For those of you who are not familiar with “Reservation Rewards,” here’s how it works:

Step 1) You buy something. Movie tickets. A game. Whatever.

Step 2) The merchant offers you a $10 off coupon if you simply enter your email address.

Step 3) This signs you up for a $10 a month coupon service you don’t want.

The good news is that if you call “Reservation Rewards” and complain, they’ll issue you a full refund. Why? The fact that there’s a class action lawsuit against them has nothing to do with it, we’re sure.

Mike writes:

Back in Oct ’06 I bought Castevania PoR off of the gamestop website. Everything went smooth, got all my bonus gear and what not. But apparently, they signed me up for something called under the guise of some $10 off bonus bullshit. I noticed on my CC statement that every month after the purchase I was being charged :10bux: for this service I had never heard of. I found out Gamestop was the culprit by calling RR and they gave me the purchase date and info. Since then the company ( has charged me $10 bucks a month for some crappy coupon service which I never used. I called Gamestop and they tried to tell me that it was a bonus link which I must have “actively clicked on three or four times”. I find this to be bullshit since I make online purchases all the time and I NEVER click on any of those ridiculous rewards things under any circumstances. I think it’s some buried link that is clicked on by default.

Anyways, for the moment I’m out about $90 which I would not have caught on to and would have lost :10bux: for the life of my credit card. I’ve called my CC company and they’ve issued me a refund, the BBB, and the RR company to cancel my account. Quite a headache for a Sunday morning.

In summary, I urge every goon here that has ever made an online or instore purchase at Gamestop to look over their CC statement with a fine tooth comb and be sure that you aren’t getting charged fraudulently, as I was.

Check your credit card statements for the following entry to see if you’ve been duped by Reservation Rewards: WLI*RESERVATIONREWARDS.CO. Call them up and demand a refund!

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