NFL Says Sideline Photographers Will Have To Wear "Advertising" Vests

The NFL says that sideline photographers will have to wear branded vests with Canon and Reebok logos this year, according to Editor and Publisher.

The National Press Photographer’s Association is having none of it:

After receiving the NFL letter, NPPA Executive Director Jim Straight said, “We reaffirm our dissension on the vest’s logos based on our ethical standards, and we hope that our members – with the consultation of their employers – seek out professional and responsible ways to avoid endorsing a corporate product while acting in a journalistic manner.”

But, in his e-mail to E&P, Zibluk made clear a boycott would not occur, at least not one organized by his group. “What we’re more likely to suggest is that photographers cover the logos or turn them inside out. We’d recommend checking with their management, or clients if they’re freelancers, to make sure they have support.”

Making sideline photographers into walking billboards is a bit tacky, don’t you think?

NFL Tells Photog Group: Vests With Ads Will Stay [Editor & Publisher]
(Photo:B & M Photography)