Hiding your laptop in the oven works best when you live alone. That being said, the laptop still works. [Lucky White Girl]


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  1. scoobydoo says:

    Not to be a jackass, but you did see the post was from last year November? I thought I’d seen it somewhere…

  2. Meg Marco says:

    Yes, but I thought it was cute and hadn’t seen it before myself. Sorry?

  3. welsey says:

    That’s so ridiculous, I love it. My dad insists on keeping computers underneath the couch. I don’t think it’s for theft prevention, just to preserve the illusion that we don’t live in a computer lab. I can’t even handle keeping pans in the oven without preheating them every single time so I’d never hide anything there.

  4. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Slow news day? :-)

    She’s lucky the battery didn’t explode or rupture. That would’ve been bad.

  5. hoosier45678 says:

    I found my parents (live) pet iguana in their oven when I was over there to do some cooking. Fortunately, they use it to store some large, plastic-handled pans so you have to empty it before heating. I guess she’d crawled in there a day before while someone was putting away the pans.

    I think that if I were to intentionally use an oven to store a laptop, I’d put a note on the knob, or even remove the knob and store it in the oven, so you can’t forget.

  6. acambras says:


    LOL — big note on the oven that says “LAPTOP IN HERE.” That won’t tip off burglars. ;-)

  7. Amry says:

    Duuuuude. My boyfriend hides dirty dishes in the oven when he doesn’t want me to see that he didn’t get them done. I discovered this one day when I was preheating and started smelling plastic – opened the over to discover half-melted bowls and cups inside dirty pots.

    I was mad, but now I know I should feel lucky – at least it wasn’t my computer!

  8. bedofnails says:

    Communists can own laptops?

  9. xboxishuge says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more appropriate blog name.

  10. Little Miss Moneybags says:

    This is why you always, always, always check the oven before turning it on. It takes less than one second. As others have pointed out, she’s lukcy the battery didn’t explode.

  11. The time I retrieved my untouched laptop from the oven of my burgled apartment was a brief but intensely satisfying moment in an otherwise incredibly shitty day.

  12. ElizabethD says:

    LOL We melted our toaster oven (a nice Delonghi model, alas) in the regular oven. We were showing our house to prospective buyers and put it in its hiding place to clear the kitchen counters… That night our daughter went to preheat the oven to make cookies, and: “Ewww, what’s that burning chemical smell?” The feet and handles got all Dali-esque, but the toaster oven worked fine.