Eat Your Way To Health

Here is a good idea: instead of relying on doctors and their fancy prescription pads, why not put your faith in food technologists and chemicals? The recent gathering of the Institute of Food Technologists featured vendors who hope you might someday do just that. From the International Herald Tribune:

On display were aisle upon aisle of foods made to do more than provide basic nutrition. There was one kind of yogurt to lower cholesterol and another to curb appetite. Cheese cubes supposedly increased energy and strengthened the immune system.

“The whole paradigm in our society has been based on prescription pharmaceuticals,” [Paul Flowerman, president of food ingredient company P.L. Thomas] said. Now, he said, “food can also be available for enhancing health and wellness.”

The convention of food scientists includes technical talks on topics like “determination of cucumber pickle firmness using contact-ultrasound technology” and “getting closer to gelatin,” and a vast food expo that provides a glimpse of what may be available on grocery shelves in the near future.

We like simple things like farmer’s markets and community supported agriculture. Industrialized food may be everywhere, including our shelves, but it still scares us.

No doctor, thanks – just pass me the a


[International Herald Tribune]
(Photo: oskay)