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Image courtesy of "We know you don't really like having money. That's why we've put together these 10 tips that will help ensure you never will."

  • Consumerist’s 10 Tips That Will Make Sure You’ll Stay Broke
    “We know you don’t really like having money. That’s why we’ve put together these 10 tips that will help ensure you never will.”

  • Why You Can’t Cancel Your Account, An Insider’s Perspective
    “You canceling your ISP’s internet service or your magazine subscription is a very small matter to you. But it is a critical matter of employment to the CSR.”

  • Intel Apologizes For “Insensitive” and “Insulting” Ad
    “So they caught the whole “insulting” aspect of this before it ran, but too late to stop it?”

  • AMC Theaters “Doesn’t Carry Nickels?”
    They told Anthony that if he wanted his nickel he’d have to go get it from the “Guest Services” desk. So he did. But instead of a nickel, he got attitude.

  • Best Buy Fires Geek Squad Supervisor Following Negative Newspaper Articles About Porn Pilfering
    “It is obvious that Best Buy will seek a fall guy for the incident, so they can site it as “an isolated one” but what they do not realize is the stories that run on depict a nationwide epidemic with Agents of the Geek Squad.”

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