Walmart Sells Can Included In Botulism Recall

An article from the Hattiesburg American claims a Mississippi women bought a recalled can of hot dog chili sauce (the same product that has sickened 4 people with botulism) at a Walmart after the recall had been announced on July 19th, but before it had been widely publicized in the newspapers.

From the Associated Press:

Eva Fountain, 61, says she shared a potentially bad can of the Castleberry’s Food chili sauce with her husband and two grandchildren.

Fountain told The Sun Herald newspaper on Wednesday that she called the company and it confirmed the can she purchased at the D’Iberville Wal-Mart was part of the recall.

Fountain said that as of late Wednesday, no one in her family had shown any symptoms of botulism.

Castleberry recalled its products after four people became ill after eating their hot dog chili sauce, which Fountain also ate.
A Wal-Mart spokesman said the products have been pulled from the shelves.

Fountain said she purchased the can last week before the recall was widely publicized and left for a camping trip before she heard about the recall.

The issue this story brings to mind (other than Walmart’s recall issues) is the fact that someone like Ms. Fountain probably relies pretty heavily on print newspapers or TV news to learn about recalls and, let’s face it, TV doesn’t offer as much information as a website that contains a full list of recalled products.

That’s why it’s up to the Consumerist readers to watch out for people who are not as well-informed. If you see recalled products on store shelves, say something! Tell us! Send a cameraphone photo to tips [at] consumerist [dot] com.

Coast woman claims she bought potentially botulism-tainted chili sauce
[Hattiesburg American via Writing on the Wal]


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