Ford Recalls 3.6 Million Vehicles

Ford has issued a recall of 3.6 million vehicles because of a defective “speed control deactivation switch system.” Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealers will perform the repair free of charge to all affected vehicles.

According to Ford, they’re addressing “customer concerns about the potential for fires in their vehicles.” Well, fires in vehicles are bad, we’ll give them that. Apparently a few Crown Victorias went up in smoke. There were no injuries.

Here’s a list of the recalled autos:

1998-2002 Ford Ranger, 1992-1997 Lincoln Town Car, 1992-1997 Ford Crown Victoria, 1992-1997 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII, 1993-1995 Taurus SHO, 1999-2001 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer.

Also covered are the 2001-2002 Ford Explorer Sport, 2001-2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 1992-1993 E150-350 vans, 1997-2002 E150-350 vans, 1993 Ford F-Series pickups, 1993 Ford Bronco, 1994 Mercury Capri, 2003-2004 Ford F-150 Lightning, and 1995-2002 Ford F53 motor homes.

An additional 177,000 vehicles in Canada, Mexico and Europe are covered by the recall.

For more information, check out Ford’s recall information page. Owners with questions about the recall can contact Ford at (888) 222-2751.

Ford Recalling 3.6 Million Vehicles [Forbes]
Ford Recall Info


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  1. Eilonwynn says:

    Wow. I had one of these cars with this problem – a 92.

    Too bad the thing has been a cube for over a year now.

  2. bhall03 says:

    Wow, look at this…a recall on vehicles outside of the bumper-to-bumper period that is being paid for entirely by the manufacturer. Unless one of you is going to say Ford began offering 20 year BTB coverage in the early 90s and never told anyone about it.

    Now where is Dodge with their defective dashboard recall?

  3. iamgibson says:

    This is actually quite old news, I have already had this repaired on my 2002 F150 over a year ago, which I traded in for my new 07 Silverado.

  4. Bay State Darren says:

    I guess accordig to the formula the cost of the recall turned out to be less than out-of-court-settlement x no. of vehicles x failure rate.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fifteen years?

  6. Buran says:

    @iamgibson: I was going to say — this is not news, I know I’ve seen this on news sites before. Did they re-issue it?

  7. swedub says:

    What’s interesting with car recalls is they never explain where the components were made. When it’s toys or food all reports state what country they were made in and how dangerous products are from that country. I think whenever there is a product recall, in any industry, they should explain what specific manufacturer and country was to blame. Then we can get a bigger picture of deficient products and their country of origin rather then one specific industries failings.

  8. kaikhor says:

    Well I have 2 Ford vehicles and neither are on the list, but the one we traded in a few months ago is…

  9. balthisar says:

    Ha! My car was built in Wixom, Michigan! Not subject to recall! Too bad they closed Wixom…

    In all seriousness, before all the jackasses show up, this is a voluntary recall not enforced by the NHTSA, for what it’s worth. What it’s worth: Ford admits they screwed up, and are fixing the problem without the government telling ’em that have to.

    Ford apologist? I dunno — I try to be neutral. Buy a Honda if you want to, but just want to because you want to, you know? (me: 88 Civic, 95 Civic, and currently Wixom-made car).

  10. j-o-h-n says:

    As I understand it, this particular component was made by Texas Instruments.

  11. EtherealStrife says:

    @j-o-h-n: Yet another defective product from Texas.

  12. mopar_man says:

    My wife’s car is on there so later in the day when I get some gumption together, I’ll go see where her Crown Vic was made.

  13. hustler says:

    Ford is up there on my shitlist just below vw. They’re shamefull for not fixing known issues like this.

  14. legerdemain says:

    @hustler: You sound like a Jetta IV owner with bad windows. Seriously though, sometimes Ford does fix issues like this. Check out this story: []

  15. andrewsmash says:

    Meh…If you want quality after-purchase care, don’t buy American. With the rate they declare bankruptcy and lay off workers, the chance that anyone lasts at the company as long as you own the care is pretty slim.

  16. FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily


  17. says:

    Ford deserves their reputation for not fixing known issues. I work for one of their component suppliers. It is disturbing the number of idiot decisions they make every day. I only hope that someday they change their internal attitude of “this is somebody else’s problem, why are you interrupting my game of solitaire?”

  18. Anonymous says:

    @swedub: Don’t they give you a break down on the ‘sticker’ of where the parts came from and labor completed?

  19. legerdemain says:

    @Tian: Chews Heads, Eats Valves, Races Only Little Electric Trains.