Teen Faces Charges For Recording 20 Seconds of "Transformers"

Don’t use your digital camera in a theater to record 20 seconds of the movie Transformers (even if it’s just to show your little brother) or you could face 1 year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

From the AP:

Sejas said the theater’s assistant manager saw her holding up the digital camera and reported it to the general manager, who called police.

The Marymount University sophomore was charged with a misdemeanor and was banned for life from the Regal Cinemas Ballston Common movie theaters.

“I was terrified,” Sejas said. “I was crying. I’ve never been in trouble before.”

Arlington County police spokesman John Lisle said the theater wanted to prosecute the case, which is a first for the police department.

“They were the victim in this case, and they felt strongly enough about it,” Lisle said.

Well, that seems fair. According to the article “copying a movie from a theater is a felony under the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005,” though the teen has only been charged with a misdemeanor.

Teen Faces Charges For Recording 20-Second Movie Clip [NBC4] (Thanks, Ian!)

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